Recorded Webinar
How JOANN crafts with people at the center

Hear how Drew Chamberlain unlocked incredible efficency with Gladly.

Drew Chamberlain

Director of Operations,


Kimberly McKellar

Director of Customer Success,


Crafting a better experience centered around people

JOANN, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer, continues to innovate on their customer experience by putting customers at the center of everything they do. By partnering with Gladly, they are driving more personal service with a faster response. In this exclusive webinar, hear Drew Chamberlain of JOANN and Kimberly McKellar of Gladly team up to share how JOANN is driving incredible efficiency while delivering a top notch experience for customers.

What you will learn

  • How JOANN centers service around their customer, across any channel from voice to chat
  • Process JOANN used to identify and evaluate technology vendors big and small
  • Criteria they used to identify Gladly as their chosen solution
  • How JOANN drove 93% improvements in efficiency by using Gladly
  • Advice they would give to other companies looking to transform customer service

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First, tell us a bit about yourself.
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