Deliver Radically Personal Service with Shopify Plus and Gladly

See how Shopify Plus and Gladly have helped top brands exceed customer expectations and deliver radically personal service.

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Seamless interactions on all channels reduces your software costs by up to 40%.

More efficient service heroes equals 10% more in contact-center-generated revenue.

Gladly is G2 Crowd's #1 Easiest-to-use Help Center and Contact Center Platform.


Put People at the Center of Your Service

No Tickets, Just People

Your customers don't want to feel like a ticket number, so stop treating them like one. Shopify Plus and Gladly turn your agents into heroes without sacrificing efficiency or productivity.


average increase in contact-center-generated revenue

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A Lifelong Conversation

Gladly conversations feel natural because they are—with all of the Shopify Plus data and customer context included to increase hero efficiency and delight your customers.


average increase in service hero efficiency

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Channel Independence

Channel independence empowers your service heroes to meet your customers wherever they are for seamless, human interactions and long-lasting relationships.


average annual savings in software costs

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"The integration between Shopify and Gladly has been super helpful because we can see a customer's order history all in one place in Gladly."

Karen Zhou
Director of Operations, Andie

Radically Personal Customer Service