June 27, 2018

2018 Customer Service Expectations Report and Statistics

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2018 customer service statistics and data

Our Customer Service Expectations Survey is back again this year, chock full of valuable customer insights and statistics that you can use to better understand your customers.

Where Do Gladly’s Customer Service Expectations Come From?

Every year, Gladly conducts a nation-wide survey of adult consumers (aged 18+) to find out what it is consumers like, want, or would prefer to change about customer service. Because it’s important for us, as a customer service platform designed around customers, to know how we can make Gladly better suit those needs and wants. And it’s important for companies as well, so you know what to do to provide your customers with great service. Download the Report and Findings Now.

Customer Service Expectations

Customer service expectations have changed with three major themes emerging: (1) the quality of service directly affects a company’s revenue, (2) expectations around having multiple channels have increased, and (3) personal service matters more to customers than speed.

  • The quality of service directly affects revenue

Consumers will buy more from companies that provide great service. They’ll also pay more for those products. And they’ll evangelize these companies to friends, family, and even strangers on the Internet. These byproducts of great service all result in direct gains to a company’s bottom line.

On the flipside, however, consumers are just as likely — and in some cases more likely — to punish a company for poor service. In fact, 68% of the respondents said they would pay more for a product from a company which had a strong record of good customer service. Click to tweet.

  • Expectations around having multiple channels have increased

The best companies today recognize how important is is to provide customers their choice of channel to communicate with them.

But more than choice of channel, consumers also expect their experience using and switching between those channels be seamless as well. They want, and expect, continuity when they move from one channel to the next, which means not having to repeat their previous interactions each time they reach out.

And while customers have welcomed newer self-service options like FAQs and chatbots, they still hold these options to the same high standards that they do the human options that they use. We found that of the customers who used FAQs and chatbots, more than 50% were disappointed with their experienceClick to tweet.

  • Personal service matters more than speed

While consumers value fast service, we found that a higher number valued personalized service more.

At the end of the day, consumers are human. And as humans, they value having their individuality recognized. They want the companies they buy from to remember what they purchased, to follow up with them, and even greet them by name.

Yet most consumers don’t feel like recognized by the companies they buy from. Of the customers polled, 61% feel they’re still treated like case numbers — not people — by the companies they buy from. Click to tweet.

Final Thoughts: Customer Service Expectations

And we also have best-selling author and customer service expert Shep Hyken return this year, to share his advice on how to turn customers into a company’s biggest brand ambassadors. Because customer service today isn’t just about solving problems anymore — it’s part and parcel of a company’s sales effort and marketing strategy.

Companies today are realizing that the technology, people, and processes they’ve developed over the last 20 years may not be enough to help them address how customer needs have developed up to this point. The data in this survey should help arm these service leaders with the information they need to evolve, and keep up-to-date with what it is their consumers want; otherwise they risk losing them to a company that will.

For the inside track on what your customers love — and what they don’tread the full Report.

Mike McCarron is VP of Customer Success at Gladly, where he helps empower customer service teams to be more productive and deliver a consistently positive experience to their customers. Before Gladly, Mike was part of the executive team at MobileIron, where he helped grow the Customer Success team from 2 members to 125. With over 15 years of hands-on experience at the likes of Vontu, Symantec, Connectify, Kana, and Booz Allen Hamilton, Mike brings an invaluable wealth of leadership and experience to both Gladly’s executive and Customer Success team.


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