Best Shopify Themes for your Online Store

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Beauty is everything in the world of ecommerce. Your online store has to have everything – functionality, navigability, user-friendliness, and a gorgeous theme to give all of your fabulous products the context they deserve. An attractive theme can make or break a store, as clear attention to the design and flow of a website can inspire trust and a sense of professionalism in your customers.

Using the Shopify platform to host your online retail business is the simplest way to create a beautiful and functional site. This comprehensive ecommerce solution has hundreds of different themes that end-users may choose from to make their digital storefront shine. In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorites.

What is Shopify?

For those of you who are new and Shopify-curious, we’re going to take a moment to talk about the Shopify platform.

This retail solution is a cloud-based and fully hosted platform, designed for a range of retail businesses of all sizes and stages of development. The Shopify POS system works both online and in brick-and-mortar retail fronts, so users can sell their product from a variety of places.

Basic Shopify is highly customizable, featuring a wide range of options so proprietors can build the perfect site for their product. Tech-savvy users can even modify existing layouts and functions using HTML. Or, if there’s something your shop needs that isn’t built-in, retailers can modify or enhance aspects of the website using compatible apps.

Shopify enables businesses to create and maintain a fully functional and professional-looking ecommerce site with ease. You can try it for free for 14 days before deciding which of their accessible packages is right for your business.

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Best Shopify Themes

Whatever you sell, from outdoor survival gear to pot cozies for houseplants, these Shopify themes will make your products look their very best.

Narrative by Shopify
Cost: Free

This style is great for visual storytellers who want customers to understand their product legend. A bold slideshow or video on the homepages immerses users right into the Narrative of your business’ mission and product.

Simple by Shopify
Cost: Free
A super clean and streamlined platform that gives your product images room to breathe. Your domain title tops a tidy list of product categories for ease of navigation, and image zoom and product recommendations make casual browsing easy and streamlined.

Prestige by Maestrooo
Cost: $180
This theme makes your online store look like a magazine for a modern art museum. Designed for retailers of high-end goods, it’s no surprise. Featuring a timeline tool, image hotspot linking, and support for high-res product photos, your customers will feel like they’re walking the corridors of a prestigious gallery while shopping your site.

Multipurpose Shopify Theme by Wokiee
Cost: $60
Talk about a custom job. The Wokiee Shopify theme is purpose-built for versatility. The chameleon of website layout themes, no two websites look the same wearing Wokiee. 16 skins provide a vastly different feel, and users can pick the one that best fits their brand and product. Wokiee even tells you which skins were designed for what business. Featured in their menu are: craft beer, comic store, coffee shop, burger joint, and more.

Minimal by Shopify
Cost: Free
Think American Apparel. This theme really does what it says on the tin with an uncomplicated photo-centric layout. This theme defines tidiness: a wide slideshow banner tops the page, and is followed by a grid of clean product photos. To make things even easier, this theme features built-in product filtering.

Boundless by Shopify
Cost: Free
Another entrant for the minimalism category. A wide slideshow/video banner rests on top of a thin, black menu. Eschewing visible text throughout, the grid of product photos meet at the sides: customers can mouse over each image for a product title and price.

Galleria by Mile High Themes
Cost: $180
We promise not all of the entries in this list look like Mondrian paintings. Elegant, colorful, and packed with information from top to bottom, this theme makes your products — and the story behind them — highly discoverable, whilst also giving the customers tools to get specific with their browsing. The site menu sits on the banner, followed by menu number two which features a horizontal presentation of product categories. Featured products are given extra space and bold framing.

Multipurpose Shopify Theme by Lezada
Cost: $48
Who knew building your online store could feel like a point-and-click videogame? Lezada is the multi-tool of the world of Shopify themes, featuring more than 225 homepages, 40 drag and drop sections, and 10 headers. It’s the next best thing to having HTML fluency.

Artisan by Out of the Sandbox
Cost: $180

How pretty! Designed for selling home and garden supplies, Artisan reads like a plant-fanciers magazine with side-by-side product features and services. For a touch of personality, this theme additionally lets you tailor your contact form to suit the exact needs of your customers.

Mr. Parker by We Are Underground
Cost: $160

One for the maximalists. Banner, product categories, featured products, and website menus all coexist as a grid of square photographs, creating an enticing collage for your customers to peruse. With in-built product filtering, Mr. Parker is recommended for a medium-sized catalog.

Last Word: Best Shopify Themes for your Online Store

If you want to inspire, entice, and retain your customers, you have to try one of these gorgeous Shopify themes.


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