[Free Checklist] Building a Customer-Focused Business Strategy

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When competition for consumer attention is fierce, engaging with and listening to shoppers can become more important than offering them the best product or service. By prioritizing a customer-focused business strategy, your brand can deliver on the needs and expectations of today’s shoppers.

Why Higher Quality CX Is the Key to ROI

Our 2022 Customer Expectations Report found that 72% of shoppers are willing to spend more with a brand that provides a great customer experience. This means that a customer-focused business strategy can bring a higher ROI per customer and increase your revenue potential. If you’ve built a business that’s designed to provide outstanding experiences, your brand will naturally attract loyal and higher-spending shoppers.

For this approach to be successful, however, your strategy must be implemented top-down — and it all starts in your customer service center. Customers should be at the center of every interaction before, during, and after they purchase. Achieving this high level of customer service involves careful planning, resourcing, employee training, and the right technology.

Measure How Customer-Focused Your Business Is

Click on the checklist below to strategize each phase of your business’s future, and learn which questions you should be asking in order to transform your support center into one that not only meets today’s customer expectations, but exceeds them.

After running through this checklist, you’ll know where your current business strategy stands and what changes you should implement, if any, to make it more customer-centric.


With a better idea of where you stand in the pursuit of a customer-focused business strategy, you can use this knowledge to fill the gaps in your processes.

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