Deliver Radically Personal Customer Service with Customer-Centric Tasks

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Customer service heroes make their job look incredibly easy. But while they might resolve a customer’s issue in a single email, phone call, or chat session, it’s usually the result of a lot of behind-the-scenes work— by them, and the organization at large.

Whether it’s liaising with the warehouse team to check if something is in stock. Or the back-and-forth emails with Fulfilment to see when a delivery is due; what might seem like a minor customer request usually requires an accordion of tasks and coordination to resolve. And when you multiply that by the hundreds of customers being helped in a day—that’s a lot of work to keep track of.

Gladly’s Tasks give service heroes the ability to put their customers at the center of work requests to effectively plan for work that needs to be done, collaborate with teammates, and remember the important customer moments that help deliver radically personal service.

Solve it Together

No man is an island—and neither are your service heroes. Sometimes solving a customer’s issue might require the help of fellow heroes, supervisors, or other teams outside the support organization.

With Tasks, the right people can be brought together to solve customer issues as a team by simply assigning a request to the person who’s best-equipped to handle the issue—whether it’s Bill from ‘Billing’ or Claire from the warehouse. Best of all, the Task is assigned within the Customer Profile, giving those with limited knowledge of the exact issue at hand all the customer context they need to resolve quickly.

While assigning work in context of the customer request is a great first step, streamlined communication is key to a quick resolution. But rather than communicating updates and questions across separate emails or internal messaging apps (where they’re apt to get lost) heroes can have those discussions as a continuous thread within the Task itself.Through Task Collaboration, service heroes have full visibility on how a Task is progressing, their colleagues’ input on the issue, as well as the invaluable context of what the customers themselves have said (right from the customer’s profile that a Task lives within) so nothing ever gets lost in translation. Plus with real-time notifications each time a Task is updated, agents can move on to the next customer with confidence, and jump back in only when they need to.

Thanks for the Reminder

Besides using Tasks to collaborate with teammates, heroes can also assign Tasks to themselves to help them organize the work they need to do for a customer and by when.

For example, if a customer bought a particular item, in this case, Julie bought a new Sundancer dress, the agent can create a reminder to follow up with Julie to see how she likes it and if she was interested in anything else. Simple, proactive follow-ups are often the difference makers in creating customers for life.

Outside of just the day-to-day, heroes can leverage Tasks to plan those extra special moments for customers at just the right time. Like if a hero knows when a customer’s wedding anniversary is, they can set a Task that’s due a week before to arrange for flowers to be delivered on behalf of the company, or when a birthday coincides with an upcoming trip, they can coordinate an in-flight beverage to help them celebrate. Even setting a reminder to send a simple “happy birthday” text can put a smile on your customer’s face — at no extra charge.

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Never Drop The Ball

Helping customers doesn’t just involve working in Gladly. With our easy, out-of-the-box integrations, agents can create a Task spanning across multiple platforms.

For example, as customers respond to the customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) you email them, Tasks can be generated in Gladly for the agent who helped each customer so they can reconnect to personally thank them for the feedback.

Or, if agents need to work with teams who use workforce management platforms like Asana, or messaging platforms like Slack, Gladly enables them to work in a single software, making it easier for them to focus on their single goal — delivering radically personal customer service.That means agents can say goodbye to toggling between multiple platforms; and you can say farewell to multiple license fees.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of how powerful Tasks can be. And we’re still working hard on making them an even more powerful tool for agents—as well as their managers and supervisors—with more additions to come around functionality, reporting, and even more integrations. Be sure to check this space for more, coming soon!