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Ecommerce technology is evolving at a rapid pace as brands race to meet growing customer expectations and demands. While customer service leaders today have the opportunity to incorporate new and exciting customer experience (CX) tools, they first have to gain an understanding of their capabilities. To bridge this gap, CX leaders need a solid understading of AI terms in customer service.

It’s imperative for management to not only expand their vocabulary around these terms but also to learn creative ways to implement technology like AI into their processes. Understanding how AI works, how it functions within an ecommerce infrastructure, and how much it costs are all key elements of onboarding AI into your processes.

By becoming familiar with the present and potential future impact of AI on the customer experience, support leaders can identify areas where their own CX strategies could improve.

AI and Its Role in CX

As AI continues to become ubiquitous in business practices, savvy leaders are finding new ways to leverage the technology and integrate it into CX. Its benefits are most exemplified in these three key ways.

1. Resolving customer issues faster with automation

A support center powered by AI ensures customers receive the help they need in record time, whether they’re interacting with a chatbot like Gladly Sidekick or working with agents with faster access to knowledge and customer history.

2. Maximizing agent efficiency

This technology enables agents with AI-powered automation that improves their ability to deliver a hands-on experience that’s representative of the brand’s personality. With resources like Gladly Hero AI, agents leverage AI to refine customer messages and responses, while rapidly expediting conversation summaries to ensure accuracy in service delivery.

3. Delivering highly personalized experiences

With more efficient daily practices through AI, agents can dedicate their attention to engaging in more meaningful, personalized customer interactions. AI in CX makes the act of personalizing communication far easier and more natural for agents and brands. Quick, intelligent responses from chatbots like Gladly Sidekick make self-service feel more intentional, while human interactions incorporate more personalization with elevated access to customer details via tools like Hero AI.

AI Terms for Customer Service

To maximize the potential for AI in your CX infrastructure, it’s essential to understand the many intricacies and potential applications of this technology. Let’s review a glossary of AI terms that you’ll encounter in customer service scenarios.

1. Generative AI — A type of AI that can produce original text, imagery, and more, depending on the application. In CX, this allows your chatbots to generate and maintain entirely new customer conversations without skipping a beat with personalized details.

2. Automation vs. AI — These two terms, while often used interchangeably, have key differences. Automation allows a human to create a set of rules that a machine follows, while AI learns from and creates more efficient rules and practices. Automation can also be AI-driven. For example, in CX, AI can teach your automated processes to behave more intelligently over time, using machine learning to indicate when to make adjustments and improve performance.

3. Machine learning — This form of AI involves systems that teach themselves via continuous optimization and adaptation to respond better and more effectively to unique CX situations. For instance, AI can pick up on repeated issues with certain channels taking longer than others due to volume, and start to proactively recommend users move to different channels or try self-service as ways to mitigate that volume.

4. Hyperpersonalization — This process uses AI to rapidly target and deliver personalized, audience-of-one information, service, promotions, and more. AI can provide swift and personalized service by focusing on individual details, ensuring that loyalty-driving elements are never compromised.

With Gladly, our intelligent chatbot Sidekick feature pulls in relevant customer information — from lifetime value to customer sentiment and purchase history — to quickly assist your brand with providing optimal service experiences.

Keeping Up-to-Date With AI in CX

As AI continues to develop, CX leaders are finding more ways to apply this technology to rapidly improve their customer service delivery and fulfillment. By familiarizing yourself with this glossary of AI terms, you can gain a deeper understanding of the broad applications and potential use of this technology. This knowledge will enable you to optimize your support center and meet the rising expectations of customers more effectively.

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