2023 Hero Experience Report

Empowering the modern customer service team

At Gladly, we believe that any customer service agent can be a customer service hero — but that’s not the standard today. Between external challenges and internal pressures, being a customer service agent is hard work. We created the Hero Experience Report to equip service teams and leaders with the insights needed to help their agents become heroes of their brands.

Read our 2023 Hero Experience Report to uncover:

  • The motivations of customer service agents
  • The challenges they face today and how to help overcome them
  • What drives engagement and inspires career longevity
  • Opportunities to create positive change within your organization

From new technologies like automation and AI, to evolving consumer expectations, the customer service space continues to change rapidly. By better understanding your agents and their experiences, you can truly build a modern customer service team that drives loyalty and business value for the long term.

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