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Gladly Hero AI offers cutting-edge hero-facing AI tools, empowering agents to provide efficient and high-quality responses. Leveraging smart automation, the platform streamlines workflows to elevate customer support experiences to new heights.

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AI Hero Authoring: Elevate your customer service heroes communication with customers by refining their messaging, expanding and shortening text, rephrasing messages, and adjusting their tone to perfection.


AI Hero Summaries: Never miss important details again. Save valuable time after each customer conversation as AI Hero Summaries capture crucial information, making it easy for your team to quickly catch up.


AI Hero Replies: Time is precious, and Gladly Hero AI values it. Our intelligent platform helps customer service heroes save time by surfacing the most relevant content from your customer profiles, previous conversations, and your organization’s answers to drive responses, expertly adapting it to the context of each conversation.

Pricing for Gladly Hero AI starts at $30 per hero, per month as an add-on to the Hero or Superhero platform (starting at $1800/month for up to 10 support heroes) with full channel support natively built-in for email, chat, telephony, SMS, and social.

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