Native's Customer Service Team Boosted Sales & Cut Wait Times

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The Challenge

Native is committed to helping people and the earth. That’s why their breathable, lightweight shoes are made from sustainable materials in an environmentally conscious way. And when Native’s shoes wear out, they’re recycled into playgrounds, flooring, seating, and insulation.

Native’s previous ticketing platform forced heroes to piece together separate tickets from the same customer to keep data from getting siloed. Native’s customer service team was also using multiple third-party apps to collaborate with other departments, which meant heroes were wasting time switching between multiple windows and systems.

It was slow, inefficient, and clunkier than a pair of combat boots.

One of Native’s guiding principles is to always ask “What if?” So they posed the question: “What if we could provide our customers with the same full-lifecycle care that goes into our shoes?

Having every communication with a customer streamlined into one window has been extremely beneficial for the team and made their workflow so much easier. They also really love how all the information about a customer is just visible from the get-go.

Rebecca Boxall
VP, Marketing, Channels, & Customer Experience, Native Shoes

The Solution

At Native, Gladly’s lifetime conversation history led a purpose-led, transformational shift toward radically personal customer service.

Being able to see all of a customer’s communications in a single thread allowed Native’s customer service heroes to provide efficient, personalized responses to everything from delivery issues to availability questions to product information. This approach helped Native build on its strong brand loyalty and reinforced its reputation as a people-first company.

Native also streamlined communication between the back office and warehouse by integrating Gladly’s Task feature. Using the same interface that hosts support channels, service heroes can create a customer-specific task that notifies warehouse employees when an order needs to be checked on. All the information is saved in the customer’s thread.

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The Outcome

Another guiding principle at Native is to practice tiny activism, and that means making the world better one tiny step at a time. Their team was already committed to a great customer experience. By partnering with Gladly, a company also founded on delivering radically personal service, Native has been able to put its best foot forward on its mission to “live lightly.”

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Want a deeper dive into the Andie story? Hear how periods of transformation often result in some of the most exciting leaps forward for a brand. Listen to hear Native’s story.

A transformation around customer service can happen at any time in a brand’s life. It starts with declaring it, and then it’s about embedding that culture and reinforcing it every day.

Rebecca Boxall
VP, Marketing, Channels, & Customer Experience, Native Shoes

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