Andie Swim's Customer Service Team Halved Their Order-to-Contact Ratio

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drop in average wait time across all channels

The Challenge

Andie Swim was created to improve the swimsuit shopping experience by shipping suits in classic styles and colors to customers. With try-on support, Andie Swim pride themselves on helping women find flattering, comfortable swimwear that enhances their confidence.

But for a company whose differentiating factor was a personal touch, Andie’s customer service wasn’t very personal. While their heroes––known as Fit Experts––did a great job creating a safe space for customers to comfortably try on bathing suits, the automated ticketing platform they were using for support had the opposite effect.

Not only were customers getting cold, automated texts, but they were also having to repeat their sizes, concerns, and story each time they needed help. The human connection just wasn’t happening the way founder Melanie Travis had hoped.

We come off as having one-to-one customer service, but in fact, it's really one-to-many. And that's really thanks to Gladly.

Melanie Travis
CEO and Founder, Andie Swim

The Solution

Gladly’s all-in-one platform helped Andie’s customers feel like they were contacting a friend, not a company.

“When customers call in, we know who’s contacting us before they even introduce themselves. We’re able to greet them by name,” says Karen Zhou, Andie’s Director of Operations.

Customers are no longer given a ticket and routed through an impersonal platform. Instead, the customer’s entire record—name, past communications on every channel, and order history—is sent seamlessly to a Fit Expert’s screen in Gladly.

Even though Andie’s Fit Expert team is small, Gladly’s streamlined workflows and Shopify integration have allowed them to deliver concierge-level service to thousands of customers, even after a COVID-related volume increase.

“Swim is a tricky category for fit, so being able to see all of the different sizes and styles that a customer has tried helps us provide the best recommendation moving forward,” says Zhou.

Adding Gladly’s self-service channel Sidekick to every page of their website has also reduced the volume of simple questions for the Fit Expert team, making it easier for them to meet their customer service goals.

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Thanks to Gladly, Andie can successfully fulfill their mission of making swimsuit shopping as fun as a day in the sun.

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Want a deeper dive into the Andie story? Hear Andie Swim founder Melanie Travis talk about customer service and the customer experience in the Radically Personal podcast.

With our previous platform, it was hard to make customers feel like they were being treated as human. They became tickets, and they would get ticket numbers with automated messages like #do not reply above this line#. We really wanted customers to feel like they’re contacting a friend when they’re contacting Andie.

Karen Zhou
Director of Operations, Andie Swim

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