Improved Service Levels and Created a Dramatically Different Customer Experience

“Gladly allows us to be more agile, adapt to demand, and focus less time on management and reporting, and more time on our team members and customers.”

Bryan Riter
Director of Customer Care

Increased Self-Service

Self-service has increased to 60% as customers are able to find what they are looking for without speaking to an agent.

Record-Breaking Satisfaction Levels

Since switching to Gladly, Deckers has seen significant growth in satisfaction levels for 2020.

Grew SMS by 10X

SMS contacts have reached nearly 30% in just one year—increasing agent productivity and lowering call volume.

When you think of the Deckers brand, you might not realize that they are the parent company to some of your favorite shoe brands—including UGG, HOKA ONE ONE, Teva, Sanuk and Koolaburra. In fact, the global company has over 140 retail locations and offices around the world on top of running multiple successful e-commerce sites as well.


Deckers’ mission is to ‘get it right for customers, every contact, every time’. With this goal in mind, Director of Customer Care, Bryan Riter, knew they needed to transition away from a traditional ticketing model and their current customer relationship management (CRM) to achieve their goals. So, when he set out to find a new customer service platform, he knew that Gladly’s emphasis on putting the customer at the center was perfect for what he was trying to achieve.

Doubled Agent Productivity  

Since switching to Gladly, Bryan has seen an increase in agent productivity, which helped translate to an increase in customer satisfaction. By leveraging digital channels like chat and SMS they have been able to coach their agents and staff to help a larger volume of customers more efficiently. Since utilizing these channels, they’ve seen their conversation concurrency double, helping them be “more efficient than ever” according to Bryan. In fact, even with big holiday shopping events like Cyber Monday, they’ve been able to keep their wait times low while still maintaining strong service levels.


“In December we saw improvements to our service level by 40%, creating minimum wait times for customers across all channels.”

Bryan Riter
Director of Customer Care

Because agents can now see a customer’s entire conversation history regardless if they’ve reached out on text, chat, email (or a combination of all three), they can select which channel they want to follow-up on based on which is the customer’s preferred channel or the most efficient. In addition, seeing the full conversation history, coupled with details like what they recently purchased, customers no longer have to repeat themselves or track down that pesky order number resulting in agents being able to resolve their issue in the first conversation.


Answers That Drive Self-Service

Gladly’s Answers knowledgebase not only powers what agents use internally when responding to their customers, but it’s also the same information that customers see when self-serving through chat or public FAQs. By having a single source of truth that powers all channels (both internal and external), customers will see the most relevant and up-to-date information, but also ensure that all agents are using the same responses.


Since implementing Answers, Deckers have seen their customer search success rate jump to 90%, which means that their customers are finding relevant answers based on what they are looking for. In addition, they’ve found that, thanks to Answers, 60% of customers are able to successfully self-serve and don’t need to connect with an agent.


"More than half of our customers are able to successfully self-serve and don’t need to connect with an agent"

Bryan Riter
Director of Customer Care

Meeting Customers Where They Want to Be Met

It was important to Deckers that they met customers on the channels they preferred, so they increased investment on channels like SMS. Since introducing the new channel, they were able to grow SMS to 29% of all inbound requests, all in a single year. Not only is SMS a preferred channel for customers, but digital channels help bring down call volume and increase agent productivity.


In addition to introducing SMS as a channel option to customers, Deckers also adopted ‘IVR to SMS’—which is the ability to transfer customers to SMS rather than wait on the phone to speak to an agent.


Customers who have simple questions are directed to a public help center to get their answers much more quickly, making up about 15% of their current volume. Since all channels are built-in with Gladly, switching between channels is seamless for customers, and agents see every conversation they’ve had with their brand, regardless of channel, enabling them to personalize every interaction.

“Through technology, data, and some key features, we’ve been able to improve service levels and create a dramatically different customer experience.”

Bryan Riter
Director of Customer Care

Better Insights 

With Gladly’s reporting features, Deckers has more visibility into the reasons customers contact them, how they are being contacted, and even what they are searching for on their FAQ pages. Because of these clearer insights, they’ve been able to create several key enhancements that helped them reduce volume—specifically a 29% reduction in order-to-contact ratio.


In addition to more unified customer insights, Decker’s implemented Gladly partner solutions for workforce management and quality assurance to monitor and continuously improve internal operations. Specifically, through an integration with Teleopti, they’ve empowered their workforce to easily manage the significant changes in volume, staffing and customer behaviors they saw as a result of 2020’s e-commerce growth, without increased hold times or erosions to agent efficiency.



For Deckers, relentless focus on the customer has always been top of mind. By switching from a ticket-based solution to one that supports their customer-first philosophy, they’ve gained a more holistic view of their customer and their behaviors, which increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity and improved overall operations for the global brand.


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