With great power comes great self-service

We know that sometimes customers want to help themselves. Easily surface answers to frequently asked questions so that customers can get the solutions they need quickly. That way, agents can focus on solving more complex problems. Save agents time and cut costs, now that’s heroic.


Arm customers with a trusty Sidekick

With Sidekick, your customers have direct access to the answers they need, in a form that’s personalized to them. Place your Sidekick on every page, or just the one’s that will make the most impact (like your order page) so customers never have to leave where they are to find the solutions they are looking for.

Need a little extra help? Customers can also leverage the Sidekick to speak directly to an agent.

Arm customers with a trusty Sidekick
‘Level up’ your agents with more context

‘Level up’ your agents with more context

If a customer can’t find what they need on their own, access to human help is just one mouse click away. Kind of like a mayday button. And because self-service is built natively into our platform, agents can see everything a customer searched for right in their Timeline—that means customers don’t have to sit through the same answers that didn’t help them before, and agents have the context they need to lead them to the right Answer.

With Gladly, agents are empowered to better connect with customers and help them more quickly. Any time. Anywhere. On any device.


Meanwhile, back at Headquarters

Gladly leverages a single knowledge base to power all of your Answer content—whether that’s the Answers leveraged by your customers for self-service or those used internally by your agents. When a content author writes a new Answer it is simultaneously published across all channels in real time—from email and chat to your Help Center and the Sidekick.

This means your team doesn’t need to manage multiple, independent databases—saving managers time and driving Answer accuracy and consistency, no matter how your customers reach out.

Meanwhile, back at Headquarters
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(Personalized) self-service for the win-win-win

Proactively help customers find the solutions they need on their own, while empowering agents to build more personal connections with customers so that companies can save money by moving their customers to less ‘expensive’ channels, without sacrificing customer happiness.

Surface Answers Directly To Customers

Leverage the same Answers used by agents and surface them directly to customers in the Sidekick, on a Help Center page, or throughout your website—on any device.


Sidekick, the name of our chat widget, can be easily accessed from any page so customers don’t need to navigate away from their shopping card to find the answers they need. By leveraging machine learning and dynamic Answers we surface the relevant quick actions to make the experience feel more personalized and enabling customers to find Answers quicker.

Dynamic Answers Display different quick actions depending on what page the customer is on

Machine Learning Personalize quick actions based on customer data

Answer Suggestions Predict what a customer will search before they even search it

Holistic Reporting Gather data on the Answers customers are searching for and gain insight into Answer quality

Help Center

Use a Gladly code snippet to configure a searchable and customizable help center page and embed it on your website— providing your customers with a single page they can navigate to and find solutions on their own.

Trending Questions Updated in real time so customers find what they need quicker

Holistic Reporting Gather data on the Answers customers are searching for and gain insight into Answer quality

Answers API

Allows you to search and retrieve Answers which can be displayed in the Sidekick, used to build your customer-facing help center or published on any page throughout your website.

Author Once, Publish Everywhere With a single Answers knowledge base, content authors only need to write an Answer once and can surface it on any page

Make customers feel known

Personalize every conversation so each customer feels unique and valued.

Answers in the Timeline

With a lifetime of conversations, all customer interactions, including self-service are captured in the customer’s timeline. Agents are able to seamlessly pick up right where the customer left off—ensuring agents never repeat an Answer already surfaced to the customers and allowing them to deliver a completely personalized experience that gets customer questions answered quicker.

Complete Search History Agents see all the Answers a customer searched and viewed— giving them context to solve problems quicker

View Answers in the Answers Pane Agents can click on the customer’s search history and view the full Answer a customer saw in the Answers pane

IVR Self-Service

Deliver a personalized experience by pulling in key customer data such as delivery status, past bookings, upcoming reservations etc directly into the IVR so customers can quickly find the answers they need on their own, while reducing overall operating costs.

Data Dips Enable companies to offer a highly personalized IVR experience

IVR to SMS Deflect voice calls to cheaper messaging channels

Transactional Self-Service

Show customers you know them—instead of entering an order ID, proactively ask if they are inquiring about the status of their size 8 loafers or their flight to Belize. Not only does this help customers find what they need quicker but it allows customers to feel known and recognized.

Leverage Data Proactively identify who your customers are and their past purchases so they don’t need to enter data manually

Surface Data Surface flight status or order status and start returns or upgrades directly within the Sidekick

Multi- Language Answers

Ensure customers see the right Answers in the right language (and right locale) on your help center page, in the Sidekick and throughout your website.

Multi-Language Answers In a single database create Answers in multiple languages across multiple channels, including self-service, simultaneously

Local Answer Search Only show customers relevant Answers in the right language in the Sidekick and on your Help Center page

Personalized Answer Search for Agents Enable agents to find the right language/local variant of the Answer they’re using when talking to customers

Seeing is believing. See Gladly in Action.

Seeing Is Believing

See Gladly In Action

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