201 California Street, Suite 1300 San Francisco, CA 94111

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201 California Street, Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA 94111

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201 California Street, Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA 94111

Welcome to Gladly.

At Gladly we set out to reinvent customer service.


Because 21st century consumers are different. They are from 18 to 80 years old, expect the brands they love to recognize them, and to be able to communicate with your agents over all channels – all the time.

Yet most customer service products on the market today are case management tools designed decades before the iPhone, social media and modern messaging apps.

It’s time for a 21st century customer experience.  One where your customers feel you have their best interest at heart.

To learn more about what today’s consumers expect from customer service, download the 2017 Customer Service Expectations survey.

We believe

Legendary customer service starts with people talking to people.

So we put customers and conversations at the heart of Gladly. Because customers aren’t ticket numbers or cases, they’re people.

With Gladly, agents are empowered to be naturally productive, with a modern messaging interface that gives them the ability to communicate across channels. So customers feel known and cared for every time.


The values we live by

People always come first. We built our product putting customers at the heart of it all.  And we’ve taken the same approach to building our company. We’re proud to have assembled a world-class team with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. As dedicated as we are to our work, we’re also committed to nurturing a culture of fulfillment and balance.

Relentless about customer success.

Meeting our customers’ expectations is the bare minimum—we want to satisfy their wildest dreams and aspirations. We take their goals to heart and work tirelessly to transform them into successes.

Be a driver and a doer.

We’re fueled by the numbers that prove success and driven to achieve the results our customers desire. Sweating the small stuff can mean the difference between a customer who is merely satisfied and one who is positively thrilled.

Be humble, be hungry.

We believe respect must be earned and feel pride when we’ve won it. We take the high road at all cost, and know our customers value our honest approach.

Learning is lifelong.

No one’s personal best is behind them. At Gladly, we encourage everyone to seek and share feedback, take calculated risks and learn from their mistakes.  We’re getting better all the time.

Everyone is an owner.

When our people feel ownership, our customers’ triumphs become our triumphs. We applaud initiative and value leadership, but also believe no one is above emptying the dishwasher.

Communication is key.

When in doubt, over-communicate. With an open and transparent culture, collaboration becomes a lifestyle, and everybody wins.

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201 California Street
Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA 94111