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Having a customer service strategy is important for any business, and if you’re in retail or ecommerce, there’s a good chance you’ll be speaking to customers, correcting orders, and handling customer-related issues on a daily basis.

To prepare for these circumstances, many businesses will create and use customer service scripts to help guide employees through various customer encounters and solutions.

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What is a customer service script?

Customer service scripts are written prompts used by customer service teams to confirm and resolve customer issues or questions. A customer service script can be used for phone conversations, chat boxes, email, and social media conversations.

What are the benefits of customer service scripts?

Not only do scripts provide your representatives with on-hand support should they need it, they are also excellent tools to train new team members. Additionally, using customer service scripts (while allowing for use of natural language in conversation) provides a consistent experience for shoppers.

Below, we’ve provided thorough guides that cover the most common ecommerce and retail customer service phone script needs.

Customer Service Call Template For First-Time Callers

  • Hi this is [name] from the [name of the department/company]. How are you today?
  • Great to hear! I’m doing very well, thank you for asking. How can I help you today?

When the customer provides a negative response

  • I’m so sorry to hear that. What can I do to help?
  • So sorry about that. If you give me your full name and order number, we can go ahead and start making the correction for you.

A large majority of ecommerce/retail questions will come down to order issues, so you want to identify your customer and their order before moving on. 

  • Sure thing. Can I get your full name, phone number, and address to check in on that order?
  • Not a problem, sir/ma’am. Do you happen to have to the order # so I can bring up your order?

How to Greet a Returning Customer on the Phone

Acknowledging a returning customer is a best practice and reiterates that your brand cares about the relationship and values each customer. Using a customer service platform that provides this information and details of past interactions can help you add even more layers of personal service.

Customer Service Phone Script Examples For Repeat Visitors

  • Hey again, [Customer Name]! How can I help you today?
  • Welcome back [Customer Name]! What can I do to help?
  • Hi [Customer Name]. Do you want to pick up where we left off on our last call??
  • Hi [Customer Name]. Were you still having issues with [insert previous problem]?

Customer Care Scripts for Apologizing for Order Mixups, Product Issues, and Other Concerns

The first thing you want to do when there’s any issue, regardless of who’s at fault, is apologize and convey empathy. You want to help resolve their issue, but you also want to make sure that their concerns are heard and understood. The scripts below will cover the basic issues of price errors, order mix-ups, and other product-related issues.

When the incorrect shipping address is entered

  • It looks like your order shipped to the wrong address. So sorry about that. We’re going to send another [product name] to your address, and it should arrive within the next week.

When a product is never delivered

  • So sorry to hear that, [insert name]. Let me bring up your order so we can see what happened and get another [product name] sent to you.
  • I’m so sorry about the mix-up. Let’s see what we can do about correcting your order.

When the product is received broken

  • I’m so sorry about that. If you send a photo of the damaged [product name], we’ll go ahead and send out another [product name]. Of course, if you’d like a refund, we can go ahead and take care of that for you, as well. 
  • I know this is less than ideal. But  I’m going to have to talk to my manager and see what we can come up with to resolve your issue. Is it ok if I [call/email/message] you back once we have a resolution? I promise it won’t take longer than 24 hours.

When the product is not what they expected

  • I’m so sorry that the [product name] wasn’t what you expected. Would you like to return or exchange your [product]? (Proceed with refund/return policy.) 

When the product is a different color or size than what they ordered

  • I’m so sorry about that, let me go ahead and send out the correct size/color that you initially ordered. I’m going to email you directions for returning the product that we mistakenly sent and send your [correct product] right now.  
  • So sorry, [customer name], It seems we made a mistake and sent the invoice to the wrong email. We’re going to go ahead and resend your notification; you should be receiving it within 24 hours.

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Sample Customer Service Call Replies for Being Unable to Fulfill a Request

Similar to the scenarios above, this script sequence will help you in speaking with customers whose orders can’t be fulfilled or met.

  • I am sorry, but it’s not possible to fulfill your request at this time because [provide reason]. Is it ok if I speak to my team and reach back out when we come up with a resolution?
  • I’m sorry, but it seems that we’re out of stock of [product name] at the moment. Would you like to check if we had it in a different size or color?
  • Let me have a look at what else I can help you with.
  • I’m so sorry, but we can’t actually customize [product name]. Whatever we have online or in stores is what’s available for the time being.
  • It looks like we don’t have this feature at the moment. So sorry about that. But we do have these other options that you can look at.

Example Customer Service Phone Template to Transfer Requests and Putting Your Customers on Hold

You may not always be in the position or have the authorization to answer some questions or meet requests, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Delegating certain requests to other departments or team members, while putting the customer on hold, is a common task in customer service. This “putting customer on hold script” below will help you transfer requests for a number of scenarios.

  • I apologize for any inconvenience. Let me transfer you to the [insert department name] so they can help resolve the issue.
  • Please hold for a second while I transfer you to [department or staff member].
  • I understand. I’m going to transfer you over to our shipping department. They’ll be able to help complete your request.
  • Please hold for a moment while I get in touch with him/her.
  • I am sorry, but [administrator/department] is the one who can handle your problem. Let me put you through to them.
  • Can I put you on hold for a moment? I’m going to transfer you to my supervisor so they can complete your order.
  • Would you mind being on hold for a second while I check on this with our administrator?
  • Thank you for waiting. I have the details for your order. I’m going to email them to you right now.

Customer Service Phone Script for Billing and Credit Card Information

  • To process the order, please give the number of your credit card, CVV code, and expiration date.
  • How would you like to pay for that order? We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and PayPal.
  • Can you please give me the account number listed on the generated bill?
  • Can you please give your current billing address?
  • Can you please verify your address for me?
  • Can you please verify your zip code please?

Customer Service Phone Scripts for Handling Angry Customers and Complaints

While angry customers are typically the exception to the rule, you will occasionally come across someone who is angry or verbally aggressive–whether justified or not. Start by showing sympathy and being understanding to the customer’s concerns.

  • I’m so sorry this has happened. Let me see if I find a way to fix things.
  • I’m so sorry. Can you tell me what happened so I can help?
  • I’m really sorry that you weren’t happy with your purchase. Let’s see what we can do to set things right.
  • I completely understand your frustration. I’d feel the same way. Can I please have your order number so we can get to resolving this?
  • I’m so sorry your order didn’t come in on time. Let me speak to my supervisor to see what we can do for you.

Customer Care Call Script for Following up With a Customer at a Later Time

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to resolve orders or product-related issues while you’re communicating with your customers. In such cases, having a well-prepared follow-up calls script can be extremely helpful. The following script options will provide you with effective ways to organize a follow-up time with your customers.

  • [customer name], I just wanted to let you know that we’re still looking into how we can replace your [product name]. Can I call you back within the next hour when we have some options for you?
  • So sorry, but we’re having some technical issues on our servers that are preventing us from completing your order. We’re working on fixing the issue as I speak, and everything should be resolved by tomorrow. Can I call you back then when the order has gone through?
  • Thanks for waiting, [customer name]. We got a hold of your new [product name] and it should be sent out today.
  • Sorry, [customer name]. Can I check on some of these with my supervisor and get back to you in the next hour?
  • I’m so sorry for the mistake. Your transaction may take a couple of days to resolve. Can I email you then?

Customer Service Call Scripts for Handling Several Customers at the Same Time

When working with more than one customer at the same time, you don’t want to give them the impression that you’re rushed or talking to multiple people. If necessary, tell them you have to check on some information or confirm a product and have to put them on hold for a moment.

  • I completely understand, [customer name]. Let me go ahead and look over your transaction history to find that order. One moment, please.
  • No problem. Give me a moment to check on that. One second, please.
  • Sounds good. Let me double check this information with my supervisor, and I’ll be right back with you.
  • Do you mind waiting for a moment while I double check the order transaction?
  • Bear with me for one moment while I confirm this order with my supervisor.

Customer Care Phone Script Example for Thanking Your Customers, Wrapping up, and Upselling to Other products

While it’s important to provide a cordial goodbye, ask if your customer has any other questions, and thank them for their business, the end of the conversation is also a great opportunity for upselling and cross selling.

  • Thank you for your call. Do you have any other questions or concerns? Great, thank you. Have a nice day.
  • Thanks for using the 24-hour help service, and please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything else.
  • I’m so glad we could help and that you found exactly what you were looking for. In case you didn’t know, many of our customers who enjoy [purchased product name] also really liked [product name]. If you’d like, I can show you [product name] that are currently on sale.
  • There might be something else I can help you with before I let you go. Our customers love to pair [product name] with their [purchased product name] purchase. Would you be interested in having a look at some of our [product name]?
  • While we’re on the discussion of [purchased product name], we have some great [product name] to match your order. Mind if I share them with you?
  • Is there anything else I can do to help? As I mentioned, your order should be coming in by the end of the week. Don’t hesitate to call back or email us if you have any other questions or concerns.
  • Again, so sorry about the mix-up. If you have any other issues with your re-order, please let us know. Have a good day.

Final Thoughts: Customer Service Script

Whether you’re training new customer service representatives or bolstering your support for your existing team, having a retail customer service phone script is going to improve both your customer and staff member experience.

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