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Customer service ambassadors are the face of your company and brand. They help companies develop marketing campaigns, advertisement strategies, and their presence on social media.

These individuals are highly motivated, upbeat, social, and multi-faceted, and they are expected to work with other team members to help with promotions and ensure that every department is in line with the branding campaign.

Service ambassadors are often the bridge between companies and clients, and they are expected to go above and beyond when working with clients to promote their brand and generate excitement around their businesses.

Customer service ambassador tasks

Customer service ambassadors are responsible for a wide range of tasks that vary in skill-set. These are individuals who need the big-picture understanding of your clients’ mission statement and vision, as well as the communication skills to effectively work with others.

Customer service ambassador tasks require ambassadors to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the brand, company values, company culture, mission statement, and long-term goals
  • Work closely with other departments in reaching the goals of the company, including marketing and sales
  • Manage website and social media interactions and branding
  • Work closely with customers, vendors, and clients
  • Attend and represent the company at trade shows, company-related events, and product launches
  • Create topics to share on social media and respond to reviews/comments on all online platforms
  • Track customer shopping trends, preferences, and responses through surveys
  • Have a full understanding of all products and services offered by the company

Customer service ambassador qualifications

The qualifications for service ambassador come down to two big areas: prior experience and interpersonal skills/communication skills.

There isn’t really an ideal education background that fits the ambassador job title. However, candidates that demonstrate experience with marketing or customer service and are great at working with people are the ideal candidates for the position.

Customer service ambassador qualifications typically include:

  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Great communication skills
  • 2+ years experience in marketing, sales, customer service, or related fields
  • Experience creating, updating, and managing online content
  • Excels at working in groups
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Demonstrates a high-energy and upbeat attitude
  • Friendly and personable
  • Familiarity managing several social media accounts on several different platforms

While there isn’t an extremely specific set of skills, certifications, or experiences that define the service ambassador position, top candidates should be able to demonstrate all the above qualifications to be considered for the role.

Gladly’s got you covered

With Gladly, we make sure that your customer service ambassadors have all the tools they need to thrive in their role:

  • Our simplified social media integrations make managing social media profiles easier than ever.
  • Merging tickets isn’t an issue, either: with Gladly, customer conversations across all channels compile into a single, historical view.
  • Gladly also offers People Match, which routes tickets to the right hero at the right time, based on who the customer is, their scenario, or their needs.

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