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Business service representatives are expected to complete a variety of tasks and take on a variety of roles for their organization. The position often involves clerical and administrative work with the goal of improving relationships between their business and their customers/clients.

You can think of business service representatives as a cross between customer service and sales, which means that these individuals will be expected to wear a number of different hats based on the needs of the organization.

Business representatives are often experts in sales and products while also having excellent communication skills to succeed in the service side of their role.

They will be expected to directly communicate with customers as well as upper-level management across several departments, including customer service, sales, marketing, and product development, among others.

In order to attract the highest quality business service applicants, you have to start with a comprehensive and clear business service representative job description.


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Typical business service representative tasks

In order for your applicants to understand the range of the position, you need to spend a significant amount of time defining your job description tasks.

Again, business service representatives need to be flexible at what they do, which means your task list should reflect the wide range of responsibilities expected of them.

General business service representative tasks:
  • Will be required to develop a strong understanding of customer needs
  • Can recognize and adapt to current employment trends and changing markets
  • Be able to work closely with project managers in order to develop a focused business outreach plan
  • Can effectively communicate program’s vision, models, and long-term strategies
  • Provides personal attention and maintains communication with clients in order to cultivate long-lasting relationships
  • Utilizes strong communication skills and sales-minded approach in order to maintain and procure clients, customers, and work orders
  • Complies with company policies, values, business code, and all other company-related procedures
Generating leads/Expanding client base:
  • Makes perennial outbound calls in order to schedule presentations that promote HHCS tools and services
  • Will be required to schedule and conduct presentations that demonstrate organizational plans and programs
  • Communicates with executives and upper-management in order to demonstrate how a campaign or program can fill their hiring needs
  • Establishes new relationships, solidifies existing accounts, and connects with new clients with proven sales techniques
  • Records, organizes, and maintains records for all follow-up activity and sales opportunities, including cold calls, confirmed deals, presentations, client inquiries, and all other follow-up activity
  • Develops, maintains, and updates databases of leads established through cold calls, in-person meetings, email, networking events, and all other communication channels. Develops/updates database of qualified leads through referrals, telephone canvassing, face to face meetings, cold calling, direct mail, email, and networking
Managing Accounts:
  • Organizes, maintains, and updates client files and database content as needed
  • Assesses client needs and market trends in order to predict and provide effective solutions
  • Assists marketing team in the implementation of new strategies and campaigns based on information gained from working closely with clients
  • Promotes and recommends staffing solutions in order to meet the needs of clients
  • Oversees service strategies and develops proactive engagement plans to ensure quick and effortless resolution of customer issues and concerns
  • Provides frequent follow ups to existing accounts in order to ensure clients are satisfied with services or products

Your list should be thorough, clear, and demonstrative of the various tasks that a business service representative will be required to complete throughout their schedule.

Business service representative qualifications

In order to find quality candidates and ensure your prospective hires know exactly what is expected of them, it’s important to cull together a well-defined qualification list.

You should expect any business service representative to have:

  • Minimum high school graduate or GED equivalent, but preferred Bachelor’s degree in business-related field
  • At least one year of experience in outbound sales of creating business contacts and promoting of services through presentations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Telephone and internet sales experience, including cold-calling, cold-emailing, and online networking
  • Demonstrate pleasant voice and tone with prospective clients and customers
  • Good public relation mindset when performing duties and presenting services
  • Be able to multi-task and perform a wide range of service, sales, and managerial tasks
  • Basic understanding of office and computer systems/software
  • Can succeed in a fast-paced work environment
  • Must become an expert in the products and services of the company

It’s essential to invest a significant amount of time into putting together a competent list of qualifications in order to ensure your expectations are established and met.

An awareness of these tasks and qualifications will also help employees properly assess their own skills and performance in the future.

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