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We call it radically personal service. Your customers will call it magic.

Gladly is the service platform that treats customers like people, not tickets.
 We make service teams wildly efficient, transform contact centers
 into revenue drivers and turn customers into die-hard fans.


See How Gladly Works

Drive 10% more in contact center generated revenue

Save 40% in software costs

Provide radically personal customer service


With people at the center, service gets personal at scale

No tickets, just people

With people (rather than tickets) at the center, you can do things that feel like magic, like connecting them to the person they are already talking to, seeing what they recently bought, and knowing what they like and dislike.


average increase in contact center generated revenue

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A lifelong conversation

Get every message, email, and phone call in one lifelong customer conversation thread. With everything in one place, your heroes help customers faster. No more searching through inboxes or merging tickets.


average increase in service hero efficiency

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Every channel, including voice, built in

End endless bolt-ons and plugins with every channel natively integrated in a single unified user interface. Meet and respond to customers across all channels in one easy-to-learn and deploy platform.


average annual savings from consolidating technology

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"With all the customer context and conversation history at their fingertips, our agents are able to manage 25% more inbound conversations."

Drew Chamberlain
Director of Customer Experience, JOANN

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