Reports you can act on

Get full visibility across all channels, agents, and customers so you can improve efficiency and elevate the quality of your customer service.

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Visibility across all channels

Get a holistic view of what's happening across all your channels to understand which channels are most efficient or delivering the best customer experiences.

Monitor agent productivity

Track individual agent performance across all channels to uncover coaching opportunities and insights that help you staff your team more effectively.

Understand the customer experience

See what customers are talking about to improve self-service options and equip your agents with answers that improve the customer experience.

"The connections we create with our cutomers is amazing and the fact that you can keep an eye on everything through intuitive dahsboards and reports is my favorite."
Alex Niculae
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Key Features

Get impactful insights that help you make strategic decisions around improving your contact center's performance and customer experience.

Agent Performance Reports

Spot opportunities for coaching and rewarding individual agents and teams.

Answers Optimization Reports

Identify ways to optimize your knowledge base to make agents more effective and productive.

Channel Performance Reports

See how individual channels are performing to best optimize all channels.

Customer Experience Reports

Gain an understanding of what your customers experience when they contact you.

Customer Insights Reports

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers to serve them more effectively.

Forecasting and Staffing Reports

Get visibility of inbound volume and agent activity for forecasting and scheduling.

Operational Performance Reports

Understand how your contact center is performing as a whole.

Self-Service Performance Reports

Realize the value of self-service and spot opportunities for optimization.

Scheduled Reports

Have insights sent to your email inbox on a set cadence to track the progress of your business objectives and share with stakeholders outside of Gladly.

Detailed Report Guidance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the reports with additional guidance and recommended best practices to help optimize the use of each report.

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