TurnTo is a provider of customer-generated content solutions for e-commerce brands, primarily focusing on providing companies the ability to let their customers leave reviews and ratings on the products they sell online.

Get Started

With the TurnTo integration, customers that submit a product review through TurnTo will have their feedback automatically pulled into the customer’s conversation timeline in Gladly. This includes capturing the overall rating, the title of the review, the customer description of the issue, and the product details.

More Agent Context

By pulling product reviews directly into the customer conversation timeline, your agents have more context around the specifics details of the review so they know how best to resolve the issue without having to ask your customers “what was the problem?”

Streamline Follow-Ups

If a customer review requires agent follow up, a task will be created and assigned to the designated agent in Gladly so you agents can resolve negative reviews within the same workflows as other channel requests.

How To Get Started?

This integration is built out-of-the-box in partnership between Gladly and TurnTo. To get going, contact your TurnTo customer success manager to activate this feature.