Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is a headless open-source ecommerce platform for multi-store, marketplace, or B2B global brands.

Get Started

This extension allows you to connect your Spree store with Gladly and enables customer service agents to see basic information about Spree customers and their orders within the Gladly platform.

Know your customer

Pull key customer details from Spree like contact details, lifetime value, and real-time order history into Gladly to empower your agents to handle refunds, cancellations, and view key customer information. With the Spree integration, agents know who the customer is, what they like, and what they bought.

Help agents work faster

Because agents can also see a customer’s order details, including product images, your agents can quickly assist customers when they have product-related questions.

Provide quicklinks

When agents need more than a snapshot view, they can access the full order details in Spree with just one click from the Gladly Customer Profile.