Simplr provides a network of always-on customer service specialists who act as an extension of a brand's customer service team. Simplr's specialists are available to support customers no matter what time of day, helping brands scale up and down to meet any volume of inquiries and seasonal business needs. Simplr focuses on providing high-growth e-commerce businesses with affordable, flexible, and always-on U.S. based customer service, 7/24/365 days a year.

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Combining Simplr with Gladly makes it possible for brands to deliver 24/7 coverage across all digital channels and provides fast and personal service that helps brands avoid backlogs and capture pre-sale revenue.

Instantly Scale Support to Meet Demands

Simplify forecasting cycles and avoid long wait times by quickly scale up and down coverage with Simplr’s always-on specialists to support unforeseen spikes or even help meet seasonal needs.

Expand Service Capacity & Hours

The addition of Simplr ensures customers can always connect with a live person, no matter what time of day, while also helping lighten the load for the brand’s Service Heroes.

Keep Conversations Personal and Timely

Access to always-on specialists means customers get a fast response while maintaining a personal human touch and free Heroes to provide more personalized high-touch support to customers with complex issues.

Ensure agents know who they are talking to

Gladly ensures Simplr specialists and the brand’s Service Heroes have all the information they need about the customer to make the conversations radically personal right from ‘hello.’

Give Simplr Specialists and Service Heroes Important Customer Information

Use Past Conversations to Personalize the Experience

A lifelong conversation timeline gives the brand’s Service Heroes the ability to reference past conversations in a single view, including interactions between a customer and Simplr specialists.

Historical Context of Past Conversations with Gladly + Simplr

Empower Heroes to Collaborate with Simplr Specialists

Simplr specialists can transfer customers to Service Heroes with full context and even add a note to make it easy for the Hero to pick up a conversation without skipping a beat.

Seamlessly Collaboration with Gladly + Simplr

How To Get Started?

This integration is built out-of-the-box in partnership between Gladly and Simplr. If you are interested in the Simplr integration, reach out and let us know.