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Simplr provides on demand staffing for customer support. Through a combination of smart humans and clever technology, Simplr can scale up and down quickly, while matching and protecting your unique tone and brand. Simplr provides high growth e-commerce businesses with affordable, flexible, and on-demand U.S. based customer service, 7/24/365 days a year.

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With the Simplr integration, Gladly connects customers directly to Simplr agents to resolve inquiries from email, chat, or social channels. If a customer needs additional help, Simplr can assign the customer to an agent in Gladly. With Simplr in place, you’re always staffed perfectly to match demand, so you can respond quickly to your customers and keep CSAT high.

Scale Support On-Demand

Scale support as needed and only pay for conversations Simplr resolves, making it easy to handle random spikes and seasonal needs without breaking the bank.

Get 24/7 Coverage

With around the clock support, Simplr can resolve inquiries outside of your business hours and lighten your heroes’ workload when returning to work.

Keep It Personal

Maintain a human touch with Simplr, while freeing up your heroes with more time to provide personalized support to customers with complex issues.

How To Get Started?

This integration is built out-of-the-box in partnership between Gladly and Simplr. If you are interested in the Simplr integration, reach out and let us know!