ScreenMeet provides enterprise grade screen sharing, cobrowse, video chat and remote support to the world's leading brands and enterprises. Delivered in-platform, ScreenMeet increases average order value and reduces times to resolution.

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With ScreenMeet’s Cobrowse feature directly embedded in Gladly, you can help accelerate resolutions, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and create memorable support experiences.

Drive Revenue

The easier it is for Customers to find what they want or need on your website, the more likely they are to complete their purchase. With your help in real-time, you can ensure Customers complete their orders successfully, and create upsell opportunities to introduce other products or services.

Improve Customer Experience

You can quite literally be on the same page as your Customers! See what they can see and point out areas you’d like to bring to their attention. Like certain areas of your website or to point out a particular product.

Reduce Friction

Avoid confusions and negative feelings by guiding your Customers through your web experience so they can quickly find what they need to and complete what they’d like to accomplish.

Reducing Friction to Accelerate Resolution

By being able to guide Customers through your site in a real-time screen sharing environment, they will be able to find what they need more quickly and you’ll be able to resolve Customer requests faster.

Accelerate Resolution

It’s like being right by your Customer’s side. The faster you can show your Customer how to do something, the faster you can resolve a Customer request.