MaestroQA is a platform that allows you to understand support quality beyond CSAT, so you can improve every aspect of the Customer Experience.

Get Started

MaestroQA pulls in all the Conversations from Gladly applies rules and automation to narrow down which to focus on. This way, managers can focus on those conversations providing the most meaningful insights.

Coach with confidence

Create a coaching culture with ease with full visibility into how customer conversations are handled to spot coaching opportunities.

More insights for better outcomes

Correlate CSAT with quality across individuals and the team. Perform root cause analysis on interactions that drive low CSAT or churn and create reports that identify training and process gaps.

Improve Agent Performance

Seamlessly pull Gladly’s hero-level performance data into your coaching and QA programs to scale your service team effectively. Team leaders will be able to manage larger pods of heroes, and you’ll need fewer QA resources because of a more streamlined and effective agent feedback program.