HiOperator believes in finding the perfect relationship between people and AI technology. As a customer service-as-a-service solution, HiOperator allows businesses to handle client customer service tickets faster and more accurately by pairing AI technology with its highly empathic, US-based customer service agents to resolve customer service tickets faster, more accurately, and more securely. Its services are cost-competitive, as it charges per ticket and has low monthly minimums. This also allows it to quickly scale to meet client needs during retail's busiest seasons.

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HiOperator partners with brands on Gladly to deliver lighting fast, accurate, and empathetic customer service coverage across all digital channels. Our tech enabled, US based agents, can scale with you as you grow on our price per ticket resolution partnership programs.

Price-Per-Ticket Resolution

Never Pay for more than you need.

Month-to-Month Contract

No long terms.

100% US Based W2 Employees

Onshore agents for less cost than offshore pricing.

$0 Onboarding or Setup Costs

HiOperator makes an investment in your long term partnership.

Scalable + Flexible

HiOperator can increase capacity 4x within 1 week’s notice.

Hit the Ground Running

Get onboarded quickly and get up and running within just a few days.