AWS EventBridge

Set up routing rules to decide where to send your data in real-time. Build an application architecture that reacts to your Gladly data and quickly leverages other applications and services.

Get Started

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that ingests streaming event data from Gladly. With Amazon EventBridge, you can design rules and custom workflows for the real-time routing of your data. This will help you create applications or use-cases that respond to your data sources in real-time. EventBridge can harness Gladly’s data streams to send data and activate other services like Amazon Kinesis streams, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SNS.

Build event-driven architectures

EventBridge simplifies the process of building event-driven architectures. There is no setup required. You can improve developer agility and application resiliency with loosely coupled event-driven rules and routes.

Connect SaaS apps

EventBridge ingests data from supported SaaS applications and routes it to AWS services and SaaS targets without writing custom integration code. You can use EventBridge to connect your SaaS apps or use events from your SaaS apps to trigger workflows for customer support, business operations, and more.

Write less custom code

EventBridge makes it easier to connect applications. You can ingest, filter, transform and deliver events without writing custom code. The schema discovery feature automatically adds schemas discovered from your event bus to the registry.

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