Ada Support Inc.

Automate 80% of customer inquiries on web, SMS, social channels, and more, and seamlessly hand off conversations to a live agent in Gladly when needed.

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Ada’s brand interaction platform puts the power of AI and automation in the hands of the teams that know the customers best.

Your non-technical CX team can use the no-code builder to set up conversational AI on the front lines of support. Ada automates interactions best suited for self-serve across channels like Gladly Chat, SMS, social messaging, and more.

When access to a human agent is needed, Ada seamlessly transitions the conversation to an agent on Gladly and empowers them with data-rich context and customer visibility so they can deliver fast, efficient, and personalized support effortlessly.

With Ada and Gladly, you can:

  • Automate 80%+ of brand interactions
  • Reduce time to first response
  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Reduce agent and customer effort
  • Preserve live agents for the interactions that matter most
  • Deliver a VIP customer experience at scale

Seamless, Contextual Handoff

Ada delivers a seamless, contextual handoff to live agents on Gladly. Customers can remain in their preferred interaction channel, and agents can easily hop in and out of the chat in the Gladly platform, creating the best experience for both customers and agents.

Scale Faster for Less Cost

Ada’s industry-leading AI & advanced NLU requires minimum training to detect customer intents and achieve 80%+ containment rate. Automate more interactions and scale without being held back by capital investment on agent headcount and IT resources.

No-Code Bot Building

Ada’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes Ada the easiest AI chatbot for non-technical teams to build and launch in less than 30 days.

API Agnostic

Integrate with any tech stack to leverage all data sources from 3rd party systems, enabling such capabilities as intelligent routing and hyper-personalization.


Ada automates your brand interactions on the channels your customers use the most – web, mobile, or social. You can even roll out Ada in your app.


Ada’s multilingual capabilities let you build your AI-powered chatbot in one language, then deploy it to your customers in 100+ languages. This includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, and Japanese.



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