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The Challenge

As an official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium, Godiva is known for its world-class chocolates and customer experience. But the company was having a hard time replicating the customized service from its boutiques in their contact centers.

The volume of tickets their heroes handled demanded some level of automation, but that automation felt too impersonal and generic to senior customer experience executives.

Godiva’s ticket-based system was also a problem for employees. Because processes had been developed to match the platform and not the actual workflow, service heroes were stuck with an inefficient, unintuitive tool that made it hard to deliver the personable, high-touch experience customers expect from a luxury brand.

Executive leadership knew they had a problem that needed to be fixed, but one of their biggest challenges was finding a platform that could be customized to work within the existing operations infrastructure of their global company.

We're no longer treating customers like tickets, or having standalone, transactional interactions with our customers. With Gladly, our heroes are empowered to treat customers like people.

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead, GODIVA

The Solution

In Gladly, Godiva discovered a responsive, customized solution that worked for their generalist approach to customer service. With every hero expected to handle any customer issue across any channel, the new system needed a user-friendly, single platform interface.

To help with employee training and retention, Gladly also implemented unique inbox and routing capabilities that reinforced learning on the job.

Adding chat functions to every page of their website and expanding support to SMS and Facebook Messenger gave Godiva’s customers the same timely, personalized care they’d get in a Godiva store.

“Letting our customers talk to us at the moment that they’re ready to make a purchase, and ask that one final question before they go through with the purchase is amazing,” says Mary Mikus, Corporate Business Lead.

One of the biggest advantages Godiva noticed in their partnership with Gladly was the quality and availability of on-site platform training for contact center employees. Far exceeding executives’ expectations, the Gladly team worked with everyone from front-line heroes to admins and supervisors on ways to optimize their use of Gladly.

The Outcome

Godiva’s service heroes are now more confident than ever before, handling higher chat volumes with faster response times, and taking greater pride in their work. Service improvements from using Gladly mean customers are now always getting the royal treatment they expect.

My heroes love using Gladly, and they’re no longer shying away from handling emails and chats.

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead, GODIVA

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