Birdies' Customer Service Team Gets a Holistic View of Each Customer

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The Challenge

Women-owned footwear brand Birdies was founded on the belief that women need stylish, comfortable shoes inside the house as much as they do outside. With the support of an athletic shoe, the softness of a slipper, and the style of a chic flat, Birdies is committed to adding sparkle and style to life with shoes.

Their previous platform used tickets, which meant heroes didn’t have a holistic view of their customers. They couldn’t see if someone contacted their team multiple times on different channels, and Birdies’ small customer support team was wasting valuable time resolving duplicate tickets.

Birdies’ workforce is primarily remote, and the CRM system they were using struggled to handle the real-time database and training updates that are part of the Birdies process. Onboarding new heroes took weeks, which made it hard to manage peak shopping seasons and surges related to new product launches.

Having that holistic view of the customer in a single platform was a huge plus for moving to Gladly.

Danielle Murphy
Customer Experience Manager, Birdies

The Solution

Implementing Gladly instantly boosted Birdies’ ability to understand their audience.

Service heroes could not only see a customer’s entire conversation and order history, but also access a variety of reports with detailed insights into both individual customer preferences and larger issues trending across an entire demographic.

Birdies used Gladly to add support for an SMS channel and an improved self-service option, both of which were capable of switching seamlessly to other existing channels. For a small service department, these new functions helped to dramatically cut wait times and workloads while maintaining Birdies’ commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

One of the biggest advantages Birdies found in using Gladly came from maximizing their use of the Tasks and Topics integrations. The Tasks function has given managers the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues in their customer service delivery with library updates and recorded training. This also cut onboarding time for new hires from a few weeks to a few days.

Topics allowed leaders to track the reasons customers gave for reaching out, as well as which channels were being used. Using the resulting data, Birdies was able to pinpoint easily resolved issues and right-size their staffing.

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The Outcome

Since switching to Gladly, Birdies’ customer service team has seen a substantial uptick in customers self-serving through chat.

The Birdies customer service team is small, so scaling with self-service and letting customers switch from phone to text seamlessly has really helped them keep wait times down, manage workload, and increase customer satisfaction even when they’re a distributed team.

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The Tasks feature gives me something in my inbox to bullet point out with my team and coach them in the moment. And heroes can use the self-serve to find their own answers, so our customers don’t suffer waiting for answers.

Danielle Murphy
Customer Experience Manager, Birdies

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