Empowering CX Teams

Great CX leaders aspire to impact their employees' lives positively. Use these curated resources — including guides, assessments, and more — to empower your CX team for sustained satisfaction and success.

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Agent Experience Assessment

Evaluate your agent experience.

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2023 Hero Experience Report

Uncover the motivations, challenges, and opportunities empowering the modern customer service team.

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Making Customer Service Your Business — A CX Leader’s Guide

Check out this CX leader's guide to building and maintaining a support center.

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Summer Strategy, Winter Success

Preparing your Customer Service Team for Seasonal Peaks

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Graduate to Gladly

Unlocking the true power of your customer service heroes

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The Hero Experience Report — A Tactical Guide

Turn your customer service agents into heroes of your brand

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Shopify Plus and Gladly

Unleash the true power of your customer service heroes.

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How to Recognize Customer Service Job Burnout

Identify potential signs of burnout on your customer service team and learn tips to address and prevent it.

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12 Must-Haves for Your Remote Customer Service Team

Select the right technology and increase customer agent responsiveness.

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