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With our complete customer service solution, agents become brand heroes and customers become loyal.


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Discover how we make your customer service stand out.

Put people
at the center

Because all communication is tied to a customer — not a case or ticket number — every conversation starts with a real-time understanding of who the customer is.

Help customers
help themselves

Customers receive concierge assistance around the clock with personalized self-service powered by AI and guided by your company’s brand policies and processes.

Turn agents into
brand heroes

Radically simple UI and powerful AI capabilities free agents from menial tasks, boosting productivity and enabling deep customer relationships that create lifelong loyalty.

Unify every
customer conversation

From voice to email to SMS to self-service, every customer contact — regardless of channel — is unified in a single conversation view, so work is centralized and silos disappear.

Supporting your growth at every step

We’re here to partner with you and help you achieve your biggest CX goals.

01 Onboard with ease

Starting any journey can be daunting — but not with Gladly. Our support team will have you up and running fast.

02 Measure your progress

Keeping track of progress is essential for growth — our advanced analytics and performance tools give you real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.

03 Enjoy the success

Reaching your CX goals is a reason to celebrate, but our partnership doesn’t end there. We’ll continue to innovate and fine-tune so your organization is future-proof.

Gladly makes a lot of ‘cents’

Our complete customer service solution is proven to save time and money for our customers.

Reduce Tech Costs

Consolidate multiple software platforms into our single, cost-effective platform with all channels — Voice, SMS, Chat, Email, Self-Service, Knowledge-Base, and more — natively built-in.

Reduce Inbound Volume

Eliminate duplicate tickets, optimize channel mix, and enable efficient, conclusive customer self-service experiences with our ticket-free, AI-powered solutions.

Improve Agent Efficiency

Reduce average handle time and save on labor costs with powerful and easy-to-use AI tools designed to supercharge agent productivity and aid team collaboration.

Improve Hero Happiness

Empower your agents and deepen their engagement with our intuitive platform design and suite of helpful tools, leading to higher employee retention, improved efficiency, and quick onboarding.

Drive Revenue Growth

Boost customer retention, drive sustained loyalty through memberships and higher subscription tiers, and identify valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Built to work the way you do

Gladly integrates with leading ecommerce platforms and apps to maximize your customer service software experience and help your team achieve more.
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