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Effective management is a challenging task for leaders in any industry, and this is especially true for call centers.

Busy agents, monthly targets, and the responsibility of being the face of your company are all factors that add to the pressure of a call center. As a manager, you must balance both your customers’ experiences as well as your agents while, at the same time, making sure you’re hitting your goals.

While challenging, the task can be done, and it can be done with tenacity, attention, and care for the people involved on both ends of the call.

Below are some of our call center management tips to ensure your real time call centers are running efficiently and effectively.

Call Center Management for Agents and Employees

From the hiring process to developing world-class customer service agents, below are a few tips that will help ensure your employees are well trained and well managed.

  • Hire the Right Agents: Taking the time to find and hire the right customer service representative is the first step to putting together a reliable and talented team. Make sure your contact center agent job descriptions are clear and transparent, including a straightforward explanation of the benefits and salary. Of course, you would like your agents to have some customer service or sales experience but eliciting social capabilities in an interview is a great way to gauge an interviewee’s potential.
  • Commit to Onboarding: Providing a robust onboarding program will not only set a positive tone for new call center hires, but it will also provide better call center training and will yield results in the long run. The onboarding process should be accompanied by written or digitally accessed guidelines about the various steps and procedures of the call center. It’s also a good idea to allow different team members and supervisors an opportunity to train your new hire in order to better welcome and diversify their training.
  • Create a Positive Work Environment: Happy customer service interactions lead to life-long customers and connections. If you want happy customer service interactions, you need happy employees. One way to do this is to create a positive work environment that values your agents as people and encourages your agents to provide feedback, speak their minds, and be rewarded for their success.
  • Provide Your Team with the Right Tools: Communication and customer service technologies are becoming increasingly available to businesses. Providing your staff with the right tools and call center software to better help and assist their customers can bolster your overall call center management strategy. Not only can you utilize relevant data to identify what’s working and what isn’t, but your agents will be able to better do their jobs with the assistance of cutting-edge customer service software.

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Customer Focused Call Center Management

In order for you to yield the kind of results you’re looking for in your real time call center management plan, you need to promote and reiterate the idea that the heart of the call center is the customer.

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When call centers put their customers at the heart of their focus, they’re getting to the core of what customer service agents really do: connect with people. If your focus is on the customer, then a lot of call center interactions will manage themselves.

Here are some ways to manage a customer-focused call center:

  • Underscore the importance of the customer experience in your training and meetings.
  • Use examples of how successful customer agents have turned their calls into meaningful connections.
  • Provide your customers with the opportunity to switch between communication channels, so they can alternate from call to text or email instantly.
  • State-of-the-art customer service platforms will give your agents the option to refer to a customer’s history and previous conversations. Understanding a customer’s past needs will help your agents to assist them in the present.
  • With the right technology, you can know what your customers want and why they’re calling before they’ve said a word, allowing your agents to really know your customers and their needs.
  • Allow your customers to review and rate your performance. One way to improve your call center management strategy is to understand what is and isn’t working from the people that truly matter.
  • Utilize data-driven feedback in order to cull together relevant and updated FAQs and self-service customer service options

Final Thoughts: Call Center Management Tips

With the right technology and customer service tools, you can place your customer at the center of the customer service experience, providing your agents with everything they need to efficiently and effectively answer calls and solve tasks.

It’s Gladly’s mission to help businesses completely change the way they do customer service in the 21st century. We believe that refocusing the customer service strategy on the human aspect is the first step to building life-long connections and creating returning customers.

Gladly’s innovative customer service platform will help you personalize, humanize, and organize your call center today.