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Upcoming Webinar
Gladly Educational Series

Understand how a customer centric platform helps focus on delivering a personal experience

June 24, 2021
11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Radically Personal Customer Service

Join us for our monthly educational webinar series where you’ll see how Gladly helps deliver radically personal customer service for all of your customer service needs.

Get to know Gladly in this webinar and understand how a customer-centric platform helps focus on delivering a radically personal experience for your brand.
Please allocate a total of 10 minutes to view the demo itself, and then another 10 to get a look at our reporting, liveboards, and get your questions answered. Total of 20 minutes for this session. 

What You’ll See

  • An overview of Gladly’s customer service platform
  • A look at our platform from the agent perspective, the customer interaction experience, and the supervisor perspective
  • The powerful real time capabilities of Gladly’s built in voice and IVR
  • How Gladly supports all channels natively
  • Administrative and reporting capabilities

Hope to see you there!


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