Grow with the #1 rated easiest-to-use customer service platform

Gladly enables Shopify-powered businesses to deliver and scale exceptional customer and agent experiences.


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People-centered customer service platform for fast-growing Shopify and Shopify Plus brands

Meet customers everywhere

Connect with customers over voice, SMS, chat, and more from a single view.

Transform agents into heroes

Increase agent productivity, reduce response times, and personalize customer conversations.

Grow without friction

Scale easily with fast agent onboarding, self-service automation, robust reporting, and unlimited data processing.

Drive more revenue

Turn your contact center into a profit center. A deep Shopify integration provides rich customer details, like past purchases and buying preferences, empowering agents to give hyper-personalized shopping recommendations. Webchat payments make it fast and convenient for customers to make purchases in real-time.

Reduce operating costs

Simplify your tech stack with all customer channels, from voice and SMS to live chat and social natively built-in, to remove added complexity and costs. Customers have been able to replace up to five third-party solutions by switching to Gladly.

Say goodbye to tickets, forever

A single, lifelong conversation thread across all channels gives agents a complete view of past customer conversations. No more inbox searching and ticket merging means your agents will have more time to focus on what matters most – delivering radically personal customer service.

Pay based on consumption

It makes a lot of cents – only pay for what you use. Flexible pricing means you can scale up and down, month-to-month.

"One of the key opportunities that Gladly unlocked for us is being able to scale up the amount of support that we provide while not having to necessarily hire a trillion people."

Melanie Travis
CEO and Founder, Andie

See Gladly in action

See Gladly in action

Discover why now is the time to upgrade to Gladly.