The New DIY: Retail Opportunity in the Passion Economy

Create generational customer loyalty for your retail brand today.

Retail Opportunity in the Passion Economy

Today, “DIY” represents a consumer’s choice to have a more meaningful connection to items they could otherwise easily purchase. The depth of that personal connection begins with the customer experience, pre- and post-purchase.

In our latest report, The New DIY: Retail Opportunity in the Passion Economy, in partnership with Future Commerce, we explore the opportunity for retailers to create generational customer loyalty.

Get your copy today to learn more about the creator economy and how:

  • Retailers are creating generational customer and brand loyalty
  • Online marketplaces sell us the tools to cultivate our new hobbies and interests, turning newfound crafts into commerce.
  • Consumers have started acquiring new skills and developing new routines which, in turn, has begun to deeply inform the brands they remain loyal to, and the purchases they make.
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