Customer Expectations Report

Customer Expectations Report

Customer expectations have changed. Have you?

Customer needs wait for no one. As technology and expectations shift year over year, our annual Report provides a window into the ever-evolving needs of the customer.

Understand what's driving your customers.

With insights from 1,500 consumers across the US, Gladly's annual Customer Expectations Report is the premier benchmark for companies trying to understand the key drivers that motivate consumers, and what keeps them loyal and engaged to one brand over another.

Get this Report if you want to

  • Understand your customers’ expectations and needs, from Boomers to Gen Z
  • Know the trends transforming customer service year after year
  • See the industries consumers feel have mastered support
  • Avoid the common customer service pitfalls that tangle up great customer relationships

What’s inside?

We’ve packed the 2019 Customer Expectations Report with the latest trends in customer service and actionable advice on how to build incredible customer experiences. Inside you’ll find:

  • Cross-generational analysis of new and emerging trends from 1,500 consumers across the US
  • Year-over-year patterns and evolutions in customer expectations
  • Advice from renowned customer service influnecers Shep Hyken, Micah Solomon, and Leslie O'Flahavan on how to translate these trends into real-life, practical solutions

Who you’ll hear from

Having a consistent and predictable customer experience with a predictable and consistent source of information (regardless of the channel or rep) gives your company credibility, and your customer the confidence to choose to do business with you

Shep Hyken Best-Selling Author, Customer Service and Experience Expert

Too often, customer support is robotic or impersonal, taking customers out of the friendly, approachable environment you’ve worked so hard to build up to the sale. To build rapport with customers, write to them in a style that meets their basic need for human connection

Leslie O'Flahavan Customer Service and Writing Expert

Customers have lost faith in gimmicky and overstated mass marketing campaigns. They now place more stock in what they experience directly with your company, what their friends have experienced, and what the people they listen to online have experienced

Micah Solomon Best-Selling Author, Customer Service and Experience Consultant

Webinar: See what these stats mean IRL

Take the stats from the 2019 Customer Expectations Report from theory to practice via this recording. Here, you'll learn the steps you can implement to meet your customers' needs, and ask the questions you need to push the needle in your organization.

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Customer Expectations Report

TL;DR: Ready to understand your customers better?

The 2019 Customer Expectations Report is the indispensable resource for understanding the changing needs of the modern, 21st-century customer—get your copy today.

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