June 21, 2017

New eBook with Jay Baer: 6 Ways to Turn Customer Service into a Revenue Machine

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6 Ways Customer Service is the Untapped Revenue Machine

The potential impact that good customer service can have on a company’s bottom line has long been underestimated. Yet, while the tide is surely turning, many companies are still working to optimize their service to unleash the full force of what good customer service can bring. In this eBook, customer service expert and New York Times best-selling author, Jay Baer, helps to break down the most important areas companies can focus on and an easy-to-follow action plan to turn great service into real revenue, while delivering first-class customer service.

Download our latest eBook, “6 Ways Customer Service is the Untapped Revenue Machine” to gain insights on how customer service has and will become your greater differentiator. In this eBook, Jay also discusses the psychology behind the expectations of today’s customers, and where companies have opportunities to better meet these expectations.

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