January 31, 2020

Introducing Radically Personal: A New Podcast From Gladly

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Joseph Ansanelli hosts Radically Personal, a new podcast from Gladly


The world has changed. The way we communicate, transact, travel, and how we expect to be treated by the companies we buy from; it’s all changed.

Which means it’s time to get Radically Personal with your customers.

I’m excited to introduce a new original podcast from Gladly featuring conversations with customer service leaders from the world’s most beloved brands. And how Radically Personal customer service creates a lasting impression and a lifetime of loyalty.

My hope is that by hearing the stories of your peers, that you will be inspired to become radically personal leaders in your own right.

What’s the big idea behind “Radically Personal”?

Radically Personal is a customer service movement and a mindset that puts the customer at the center of everything companies do.

We at Gladly have always put genuine human connection at the heart of our business—because great customer service starts with people talking to people.

Whether you lead a customer service team, or are curious about the inner workings of the brands you love, you’ll come away from these episodes of the Radically Personal podcasts feeling inspired.

Season one kicks off next week with Frankie Littleford who was part of the founding team at JetBlue, and who recently retired after running their customer support team for 20 years. She shares how their founding mission to “bring humanity back to air travel” drove a belief that JetBlue is a customer service company that just happens to fly airplanes.

We will also feature future episodes on how JOANN is helping today’s makers find their happy place, how swimwear brand Andie invests in amazing customer service to drive loyalty and repeat purchase, and how Native Shoes successfully transformed itself to a purpose-led organization to live lightly and do the kind thing.

The potential for Radically Personal customer service lies within every single company. Gladly’s mission is to help everyone tap into it. And it starts right here.

I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey and look forward to your feedback on the podcast. Be sure to subscribe to Radically Personal on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or at radicallypersonal.com.

P.S. I love sharing stories about great customer service. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for more stories like this one.


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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.

Customer Service is at its best when its a conversation. Start one today.