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Stella Connect

Pull customer feedback directly into Gladly to build beautiful, long-lasting relationships.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT Surveys) are a great way to find out where you stand with your customers—where you’re doing great, and where there might be room for improvement.

With the Stella Connect integration, you can automatically trigger a Stella Connect CSAT survey at the end of an interaction, as well as a Task to follow up on that feedback if needed. Plus, any customer feedback is automatically posted to the customer’s Timeline, for easy reference by agents.

Automatically trigger surveys

Make collecting feedback a breeze by automatically triggering your Stella Connect CSAT survey (via email or SMS) whenever a Conversation is closed in Gladly. That way, you get valuable feedback from customers while the experience is still fresh for customers, without any added effort from yourself or your agents.

Give agents valuable insight

With a customer’s CSAT survey results available right in the Customer Timeline, agents are armed with insight they can use to make a customer’s experience better, or address any concerns they expressed.


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