March 15, 2019

Bringing On-Demand to Enterprise

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Think back to the last time you called a cab. Or ordered delivery from your favorite Mexican joint in the Mission. More likely than not, you did it through an app. Whether it’s scheduling a pickup over Uber, or satisfying your midnight burrito craving via DoorDash, that behavior is reflective of how consumers today want and expect their services to be: easy, personalized, and on-demand.

But while on-demand service is revolutionizing industries like transportation and food delivery, the enterprise as a whole has been slower to find its footing in this now ubiquitous movement. As Jerry Chen, partner at VC firm Greylock Partners, shares in his latest post, The On-Demand Enterprise, it’s possible today to summon a car to pick you up in mere minutes, but waiting for the cable guy is more often than not a whole day affair.

There are, however, companies making their mark in the on-demand enterprise space. An example of one such company, according to Jerry, is Gladly. A customer service platform built to revolutionize the support experience, Gladly is transforming the traditionally slow succession of anonymous support tickets into a new customer-centric relationship. One in which customer service representatives can create tailored resolutions for customers in a fraction of the time, regardless of the channel a customer reaches out on.

As technology continues to make it quicker and easier for people to get the things they want, and get to the places they need to be, the onus lies on the enterprise to apprise themselves of the opportunity and rewards that lie in the on-demand economy. Otherwise, they risk losing out to the companies that will.

For a more in-depth understanding of the on-demand enterprise, and the companies leading the charge in this space, you can read Jerry’s article in full here.


Gladly is the customer service platform reinventing customer service to put people at the ❤️ of it. With Gladly, agents are empowered, customers feel known, and companies build love and loyalty through consistently positive experiences. Learn more at


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