Author: Zareen Islam

September 29, 2018

Customer Service Week — 7 Great Ideas to Celebrate Your Agents

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Imagine for a second your Keurig acts up one morning. You get on your phone and dial Keurig’s support line…but you don’t get an answer. Annoyed, but in need of your morning fix, you head down to the coffee place down the street…but it’s completely deserted. Well, except for the long line of uncaffeinated people […]

August 30, 2018

Bloomberg Technology: The Next Big Trends in Venture Capital

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Screenshot of Emily Chang and Joseph Ansanelli discussing the top trends in customer service

Gladly CEO, Joseph Ansanelli, joined Emily Chang on Bloomberg Technology as they talked about the next big trends in venture capital. During their chat, the two also touched on hot topics in today’s VC landscape including how Gladly is helping companies like JetBlue truly harness the power of the information they have to help provide […]

August 23, 2018

Forbes: What Customers Want And Expect

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Forbes August 5, 2018 Our 2018 Customer Service Expectations Report was recently featured in renowned customer service expert Shep Hyken’s Forbes column. As Shep points out in his article, customer expectations are higher today than ever before; a trend we expect will continue rising. Customers today aren’t comparing you to your direct competitors, whether in […]

April 20, 2018

Can ‘Memory’ Make Customer Experiences Better?

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When we think about customer service in the future, we’re apt to think of driverless taxis, or robot-made salads – essentially, we envision a future where service is driven by impersonal machines and automation, rather than people. Yet when we look at today’s customer service trends, and what customers today want their service to look […]

March 9, 2018

Glad(ly) to Be a Woman this International Women’s Day

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From ‘Time’s Up’ pins on the red carpet, to hashtags on social media, to female-led marches on streets all over the world, the past two years have seen a new, renewed focus on female empowerment and solidarity. This International Women’s Day, we spoke to a few of our own, amazing women in the office to […]