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RedRoute empowers brands to thrive over the phone. The RedRoute Voice Assistant automates your phone support. Anyone who calls, 24-7, will immediately be greeted. RedRoute helps your customers resolve simple requests, and smoothly passes more complex situations to your team.

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Customer calls are routed directly to the RedRoute Assistant. If the call is successfully automated and resolved, a new conversation item will be created in Gladly when the call is completed, so that the call is part of the customer history. If the call needs manual support but no operator is available (e.g. after hours), a task will be created for an agent to follow up easily from. Both the resolved and open calls will be associated with the caller’s phone number.

View RedRoute calls seamlessly reflected within the customer Conversation in Gladly, so agents have full context.

Improve support during off-hours, with RedRoute automatically resolving many calls and creating Tasks directly in Gladly when follow-up by an agent is needed.

Reduce the back and forth necessary to help customers, with access to written transcriptions of voicemails directly within the Task in Gladly.