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Assembled is a modern workforce management platform built for rapidly-scaling global support teams. Assembled helps teams forecast support demand, build and manage team schedules, track real-time performance and schedule adherence, and uncover insights to improve support operations. Most importantly, Assembled provides schedule transparency not only to support managers and workforce managers, but also to the team handling calls, emails, chats, and SMS. It allows your whole team to view schedules and overall performance metrics so that everyone can share ownership in success.

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With the Assembled integration, you can automatically pull both real-time and historical data across all channels into Assembled to forecast, staff, and monitor schedule adherence.

Forecast with pinpoint accuracy

Share each second your agents work on resolving a customer inquiry with Assembled to generate forecasts within 10% of your weekly actual support volume, so you can focus your time on getting coverage right.

Take action using real-time data

Share real-time event-level data with Assembled to track how actual team performance and activity compares to your original plan for quick, intraday management decisions.

Optimize staffing across all channels

Strategically staff your agents across all channels with cross-channel insights that will help you avoid operating above or below capacity. Notify your agents in the tools they are already using (like Google calendar or Slack), making it easy for them to focus on your customer first.

How to get started?

This integration is currently being built out-of-the-box in partnership between Gladly and Assembled. If you are interested in learning more about what is coming please reach out and let us know!