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Customer service is at its best when it’s a conversation.
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Strike up a conversation on any channel. Agents and customers can converse seamlessly on a platform with people at the center, not tickets or cases.
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“I want to be treated like a case number, not a person.”
- Said no one, ever.
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“This is game changing.”
Frankie Littleford, VP Customer Support at JetBlue — The Verge
“The way we sped up service to our customers was to give them more choice in channels.”
Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer at TUMI, Samsonite — Forbes
“Unlike incumbent customer service platforms, Gladly shows agents a single view of the communications between a company and a customer.”
“Gladly makes you a person rather than a number.”
Bonny Simi, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures — Inc. Magazine
“Any communications you have with a company all gets put in a single place.”
Joseph Ansanelli, CEO + Co-Founder of Gladly — TODAY Show
“When something has gone wrong you hate retelling your story. Gladly brings it all together.”
Frankie Littleford, VP Customer Support at JetBlue — CNN
Designed for a lifetime of conversations.
Gladly enables businesses to create personalized experiences. Whether you are a retail, hospitality, travel or financial services company, Gladly has a solution to help you build stronger connections with your customers.
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3:13 PM
I ordered this necklace but still haven’t received it. Can you email me the status?
3:15 PM
Agent Tony @ Retailer
So sorry for the delay Susan! It is on its way and will get to you by Monday.
4:00 PM
Thank you so much for the quick response. I’d like to place a new order for earrings too.
8:07 AM
I’m checking into your hotel tomorrow. I need a crib for my little one. Can you call me to confirm?
8:08 AM
Chloe Agent @ Hotel
Hi Sean, I have added a crib to your reservation and you are all set. Enjoy your stay with your family!
8:30 AM
Awesome service at lightning ⚡️ fast speed. Thanks for getting us all set up Chloe @ Hotel!
12:03 AM
I can’t leave paradise. Can you text me my flight options to leave on Tuesday instead of Sunday?
3:00 AM
Agent Christina @ Airline
Hi Austen, I totally understand ?. Here are your options for Tuesday: 8:35 AM, 3:35 PM, 11:50 PM. (I recommend the last flight to soak up the sun as much as possible!)
6:00 AM
Thanks for texting me the options. I’ll book the 11:50 PM as you recommended. You know me so well.
5:45 PM
I’m at my favorite boutique and my card just got declined, help!
5:46 PM
Greg Agent @ Bank
Kristen, don’t worry I am on it. I’ll investigate and give you a quick call to clear things up.
6:00 PM
Thanks for calling me. Glad I was able to clarify all those charges - they’re just me taking advantage of the big sales!