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We were able to better recognize the value of combining both teams because of Gladly and that helped define the structure that we now operate under.

Liz Master , Director of Customer Success

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hero productivity due ability to consolidate residents' requests

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Zeus Living is a property management company specializing in providing long-term stays in fully furnished homes that are well-designed for modern life.

Unfortunately, their customer support function was not as well-designed as the homes they rented. For a hospitality company, that was a problem.

Because Zeus Living's customer service platform was ticket-based, service and maintenance requests were entered into the system as single tasks instead of being bundled by property.

Additionally, Zeus Living’s reservations and support teams were also siloed and working in separate programs. Without established routing processes, service associates had to pull open service requests from a shared inbox. This inefficient process created imbalances in workload distribution and resulted in inconsistent service.


Adding SMS, Facebook, and Twitter channels to Zeus Living’s existing voice and email options made it easy for customers to access support quickly. Gladly provides a lifelong conversation history, allowing Zeus Living’s heroes to resolve complex, recurring issues more effectively.

Service heroes are also more productive and better able to hit SLA accountability metrics because support requests and maintenance orders can now be grouped by the property, even if the primary reservation holder doesn’t make the request.

Once company leadership saw how useful it was to have a resident’s entire support history in a single place, they decided to consolidate their reservations and support teams into a single organization. Besides realizing significant cost savings, this unification across all resident touchpoints has simplified Zeus Living's customer support processes and improved resident satisfaction.

About Zeus Living

Zeus Living offers beautiful, flexible and fully furnished homes for long-term stays with the promise to make it easy to live well—whenever and wherever you want.

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Voice, Email, Chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter


Even though they’re in entirely different industries, Zeus Living and Gladly have the same mission: to provide next-level support by putting people, not processes, at the center of everything we do.

Working together, they’ve been able to help Zeus Living make every property feel just like home.

We definitely have some big Gladly fans on the team.

Liz Master, Director of Customer Success

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