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The Challenge

Determined to remove the stigma associated with conditions like dandruff, hair product startup Jupiter is determined to reimagine scalp care. To achieve this goal, a stellar customer service program was as important as an effective product line.

Before their 2020 launch, Jupiter knew they needed a user-friendly and efficient customer service platform that could deliver:

  • A holistic customer view across multiple channels
  • Robust performance reporting and analytics
  • Rapid, flexible scalability
  • Multiple integrations
  • A responsive knowledge database
  • Powerful support for a small team of heroes

We’ve really been able to lean on Gladly to keep us organized because it is such a well-organized tool.

Alexa Adler
Head of Customer Experience, Jupiter

The Solution

Jupiter sells over-the-counter medical products, so they have to comply with strict FDA requirements. But because they truly want to be an approachable brand that puts customers first, Jupiter’s customer service team wanted to do more than just comply.

Gladly helped implement voice, email, and chat channels, and the Jupiter customer service team is excited about how easy Gladly makes it to add more channels as they grow.

Training Jupiter’s small but dedicated customer service team is much easier using Gladly’s Answers feature. In fact, their constantly updated knowledge base is so effective that sometimes even employees outside of customer service can jump in to help when volumes are high.

Gladly Answers also allows customers to get the same answers regardless of which channel they use and helps all heroes maintain a tone consistent with Jupiter’s brand. One more bonus? With Answers, content for promotions can be updated in a few hours instead of a few days.

But the biggest benefit Jupiter’s customer service heroes have noticed since implementing Gladly is the ability to see their customers’ entire conversation and order history in a single interface. Having this background information ensures heroes can effectively resolve issues while delivering white-glove service.

Being able to seamlessly integrate the customer survey tool Delighted across a customer’s full Jupiter journey has made it possible for service heroes to build loyalty by turning online reviews into additional customer outreach.

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The Outcome

Thanks to Gladly, Jupiter has been able to establish a reputation for personalized, positivity-based customer service from day one. With a winning formula for both their products and their customer service, Jupiter’s success is sure to be out of this world.

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It’s amazing to be able to quickly scroll up and see what I said previously to a customer. It allows me to understand the customer’s history with our brand.

Alexa Adler
Head of Customer Experience, Jupiter

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