Davine's Customer Service Team Boosted Customer Return by 60%


Gladly has helped decrease overall time spent on customer care. Now it is much easier to share the workload and focus on additional internal marketing projects to better educate our customers.

Michael Bowman, Customer Care Coordinator

Results using Gladly


faster response times


increase in customer return rate


Known worldwide for high-end, sustainable hair and skincare products, Davines has earned a reputation for providing the same excellent customer service both outside and inside the salon.

As with most premier cosmetic brands that offer sustainable product lines, a major element of Davines’ value proposition is the significant resources they dedicate to customer education.

But the increase in online orders and customer support cases during COVID dramatically decreased the amount of time Davines’ service heroes could devote to that education.

Marketing efforts, internal product training, client information campaigns, and customer support had stretched the customer service team to the point that response times were averaging 3.5 days.


Gladly worked with Davines to:

  • Implement Shopify so that service heroes can see customers’ entire purchase and contact history
  • Integrate their existing Refer-A-Friend platform
  • Add SMS, Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger channels to existing customer support methods
  • Reduce duplicate contacts from customers across multiple channels by building in automated response functions
  • Improve expectation management by maximizing out-of-office capabilities

Gladly’s reporting functions have also provided greater visibility into operations and better performance insights have dramatically improved service level agreements.

About Davines

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, and present in more than 90 countries – Davines creates professional hair products, where quality meets the greatest respect for the planet and its resources.

# of CX Agents


Integrations with Gladly

Shopify, Refer-a-Friend

Customer Support Channels

SMS, Chat, Facebook, Email, Voice


Since implementing Gladly, both Davines’ employees and customers are more satisfied with the customer support experience. Service heroes feel empowered to resolve issues while still delivering the education they are passionate about.

Since coming online with Gladly, Davines has cut their response times to less than one business day while still maintaining a tone and messaging that is authentic to their brand.

And customers are getting the individualized, personal care that has made Davines a leader in the beauty industry since 1983.

Gladly has increased customer satisfaction, trust, return rate, loyalty, and opportunities for product education. It has provided us with a consistent voice to the customer across multiple communication channels.

Michael Bowman, Customer Care Coordinator

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