Empowered Service Heroes Deliver Transformational Experiences

“It’s really helpful to see the entire client conversation and how the relationship has evolved. It saves them from having to call back or re-explain their situation because the service heroes can easily see what was communicated previously and make sure that we keep our commitments—most importantly.”

Kelley Bond
Senior Director of Client Service

Helping More Clients Per Hour

Heroes are now able to serve 9+ client contacts per hour—up from from 5-6 in the past

Doubling Concurrency

Concurrency metrics are up from below 1 to 2 or higher on a consistent basis

High CSAT Scores Over Holidays

Thanks to powerful CX tools and empowered service heroes, CSAT scores have been over 85 during holiday season

For luxury retail brand Tory Burch, their mission is to provide the ‘transformational’ sales and service experiences for their clients for which they’re known and loved, both online and in-store.


But a big part of being able to deliver on those transformational experiences is twofold: from being available whenever and wherever their customers want to be met, to ensuring that service heroes are well-equipped with the proper tools to be not only efficient, but also empowered and engaged to provide the utmost level of service for their clients.


Deeper Insights Improve Productivity 

Prior to switching to Gladly, the team at Tory Burch spent a lot of their time managing tickets—from consolidating duplicate tickets or follow-up requests to stitching together details to see the full view of their clients. And though this level of effort appears to be small individually, collectively it has had a significant effect on the entire team’s productivity.


Since using Gladly as their customer service platform, by introducing more efficient channels and having access to deeper levels of insights and reporting has helped them improve productivity across the team as well as accountability on an individual level, Kelley Bond, Senior Director of Client Service at Tory Burch mentions.



For example, Kelley can see that her team of service heroes are now able to help more customers at the same time. Concurrency metrics used to be below 1, now they are consistently at 2 or more. Prior to launching with Gladly, Tory Burch only had chat, voice, and email, but since then has added more digital channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Because these channels are more efficient, heroes can not only help multiple customers at the same time, but they can switch between channels and continue the conversation regardless of channel which is saved as part of one lifelong thread.


In addition, Tory Burch heroes are now able to serve 9+ customer contacts per hour, which is up from 5-6 in the past. This is helpful because not only are customers getting responses to their questions more quickly, Tory Burch can now staff more efficiently to handle the same volume of work.


And while hitting efficiency KPIs are critical to running a smooth operation, the service heroes at Tory Burch are now much more present when engaging with their customers, which is directly translating to their CSAT scores of over 85 during their busiest time of year which is holiday peak season. Kelley attributes that to the CX tools that they are utilizing—like being able to see the full context of the customer which results in her service heroes being more available and able to successfully serve their customers.


Building a World That’s Unique to Them

With Gladly’s integrations, Tory Burch can create personalized customer experiences that are unique to their business and easily integrate with the applications their teams already use.


For example, with their integration with the workforce management and quality management modules within Calabrio, they can automatically pull in hero-level performance data into their coaching programs to ensure their teams are working effectively with their clients.


In addition, Tory Burch has also integrated with Delighted, which allows them to gather customer feedback (NPS) and act upon it. The customer satisfaction survey tool enables them to align their client needs with business growth, measure the voice of the customer, and keep their clients loyal to Tory Burch.


And finally, just by being able to tie in their order management system, they can pull in their rich customer details like past purchases and preferences to ensure they are providing the most personalized experience for their clients.


Evolving with Global Needs

With Gladly, when your business needs grow or evolve, you don’t need to add on another service platform to meet those needs. For Tory Burch, expanding their contact center to Europe was as seamless as adding a new channel to their tool belt.


Since they launched their contact center in Europe, they’ve been able to see everything that’s going on with the business while they physically aren’t there, and don’t need to train or onboard a new tool just to support them internationally. Regardless of where service heroes are located throughout the world, they are one team, and using one tool to manage the business helps them best drive performance and stay connected.


In addition, they plan to expand their channel offering with adding WhatsApp specifically to the European market to continue to meet customers where they want to be met, and because with Gladly all channels are built in, the addition of a new channel and training heroes is seamless.


Tory Burch is known and loved for providing radically personal customer service. And now, with the right tools in place, their service heroes deliver on that mission more efficiently than ever.

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