Maximizing Efficiencies During Peak Season with a Single, All-in-One Platform

“We heard from service heroes that ‘this tool is way easier to use than our previous platform,' which resonates with just how easy the training and onboarding process was for us and solidified that we made the right move.”

Pablo Sanchez
Senior Manager of Customer Service

Multiple Customer Systems to One

By focusing on the customer and eliminating the ticket system, service heroes can operate within a single platform and are more productive than ever.

Quicker Onboarding for Peak Season

PacSun seamlessly onboarded 450+ agents during their first holiday season with Gladly.

Real-time Pulse on Customers

Being able to pivot in the moment based on customer needs has enabled PacSun to obtain consistently high CSAT scores.

For lifestyle retail brand PacSun, service stands at the forefront of their business efforts as they strive to provide the best omnichannel shopping experience for their customers.  


PacSun understands the importance of how valuable time is—both for customers and employees—so they needed a service platform that was able to drive efficiencies and adapt with business needs on the fly, all while being able to put quality front and center.


Consolidating Disparate Systems into a Single Tool to Drive Efficiency

According to Senior Manager of Customer Service Pablo Sanchez, prior to Gladly, PacSun’s contact channels were disconnected and they struggled, particularly on email, with answering duplicate contacts.  Customers could contact them multiple times, whether it be through email, phone call, or chat; and because those contacts were “unique,” they couldn’t tie them together which would result in answering multiple contacts from the same customer. On top of that, different service heroes would answer the same contact causing duplicative efforts and an overall poor customer experience. 


With Gladly, they now have visibility into the entire customer profile and contact thread, so in the event a customer emails them one day and calls on another, they only need to answer the most recent contact because the service hero has a reference of every single time the customer has engaged with them across all channels.


Moving to a world where they no longer handle individual tickets has created significant efficiencies, specifically during holidays, where wait times would spike due to an increase in customer volume.


Prior to Gladly, a lot of their customer service data was separated due to their phone and email/chat systems not being on the same platform. With Gladly, they now have a one-stop-shop for contact volume, first call resolution, agent handle times, speed of answer, agent contacts handled, and more. They’ve also utilized Gladly’s seamless integration with Stella Connect, now Medallia, to publish survey data directly into the customer profiles—insight that was not available with their previous platform. 

“The biggest gain in efficiency is we now have a clear view of the customer contact history in one single profile. If the customer emails or chats in from the same email, we have visibility to that in one single thread.”

Pablo Sanchez
Senior Manager of Customer Service

In addition to seeing the entire conversation context in one single thread, PacSun is now able to append the customer’s phone number to a chat or email and include an email address to a phone conversation so that any future contacts are allocated to the same profile.  This has reduced their need to respond to a customer’s request on multiple channels. 

Smoother Training & Ramp-up During Holiday Season

From initial onboarding to ramping up for the busy holiday season, making the switch and training on Gladly was seamless.  “We heard from service heroes that ‘this tool is way easier to use than our previous platform,’ which resonates with just how easy the training and onboarding process was for us and solidified that we made the right move,” according to Pablo. 


Having an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool not only enables service heroes to be more efficient when dealing with day-to-day customer interactions, but when they quickly need to ramp up for the spike in holiday volume, they are able to do so without cause for concern or major challenges.

“We needed to ramp up to over 450 service heroes right before the 2020 holiday season (our first on Gladly). The process from onboarding new people to training and navigation was smooth!”

Pablo Sanchez
Senior Manager of Customer Service

Real-time View of Customers Drive Satisfaction

Having access to real-time performance and reporting has allowed PacSun to more properly staff and allocate headcount to best serve their customers. 


Pablo mentions that he continuously has a pulse on his team’s performance, what their contact trends are, and what channel distribution looks like. This allows them to properly staff channels and move resources in real-time if they notice a spike in phone volume, chat volume, or if email is backed up. 

Especially helpful in a work-from-home model where it’s easy to get sidetracked, his team can utilize Liveboards to move a customer who has been waiting for longer than 30 seconds (for example) for a chat or phone response to an agent that’s available. Being available for their customers in mere seconds has been crucial to them consistently maintaining their CSAT score in the low 90s.



While retail is a highly competitive industry, PacSun continues to stand out by not only offering products that their customers love, but by providing the efficient and quality experiences that they know their customers want.

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