Putting Their Best Foot Forward

"Having every communication with a customer streamlined into one window has been extremely beneficial for the team, and made their workflow so much easier. They also really love how all the information about a customer is just visible from the get-go."

Rebecca Boxall
VP - Marketing, Channels and Customer Experience

Key Results.

Kicking It Into High Gear

Having all of a customer's communications in a single thread saves agents from having to piece together multiple tickets.

A ‘Sole’ Source of Truth

Key customer information is surfaced to agents in a single view so they can understand their customers at a glance.

Tying It All Together

Agents don't have to leave Gladly to get work done, and can tie work directly to a customer’s profile for easier tracking.

Native Shoes may be a newer brand on the market, but it’s one with a bold mission statement: to help their customers make a big impact, every time they put on a pair of their shoes. 


To do that, the sustainable shoe-maker invests a lot of energy and thought into designing shoes that are not only innovative and original, but help create a lighter, healthier and happier world.  For a brand that cares so much about the future and well-being of their customers, it’s no surprise they were equally concerned with how their customers felt in the present. 


For Native Shoes, their previous platform just wasn’t helping their agents deliver the type of experience they wanted—from siloed data, to the time wasted piecing together disparate tickets. They knew they needed a new platform to help them reflect just as much care and attention into the customer experience, as they put into every pair of shoes they make. 

Customers at the Center 

With Gladly, agents at Native Shoes have been able to provide a more personalized experience to their customers, from being able to reference their past conversations, to seeing key customer details like their names and past purchases. By being able to see previous purchases right in Gladly, they are able to provide more efficient service and prevent the back-and-forth that comes with locating a ticket or case number.  

In addition, they are also able to see customer preferences—like if they prefer the Jeffersons or the Jefferson Blooms—allowing them to create authentic upsell opportunities or let their customers know when a new color hits the market. These small acts delight people and make them customers for life.   

Stronger Collaboration 

Native Shoes have also been able to streamline their communications and increase collaboration with back office and warehouse staff by using Gladly’s Task feature.  

Rather than working with third-party apps and having to manage multiple systems, agents and other members of the Native Shoes team can collaborate with one another right inside Gladly and have all the work saved directly to a customer’s profile. For example, if an agent needs to check if the Apollo 2.0 shoes are available for Julie Chang, they can create a task in Julie’s profile, check with the warehouse team and then confirm with Julie—all done inside Gladly with the entire thread saved back to the customer. By keeping all communications within Gladly, they not only get work done faster, but and can tie work directly to a customer’s profile for easier tracking and reference when needed. 

Laced Up For Success 

Having all of a customer’s key information and communications in a single profile means Native Shoes agents spend less time searching for what they need to make their customers’ experience amazing and can instead get to doing those things faster.  


To learn more about Native Shoes, listen to hear from Bec Boxall, Native’s VP of Marketing, Channels, and Customer Experience, on how Native has been putting that mission at the center of their expansion into the direct to consumer (D2C) space and creating a Radically Personal experience for their customers. 

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